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Studying the creative arts yields not only innovative thinking but also cultural and economic benefits to society. Thoughtful visual expression enriches our shared experience - revealing beauty, encouraging tolerance and diversity, and sharpening critical insight.

In the Visual Arts Department at UFV, we encourage each student to develop their own expressive and analytical abilities, as they prepare for future careers as professional artists, designers, curators, educators, and more. 

Our highly-qualified faculty of academics, artists, and designers work collaboratively to offer students a dynamic learning environment in which to study traditional studio arts, new media art, Graphic and Digital Design, Film Studies, and Art History & Visual Studies. We are proud to be part of a regional university that serves the educational needs of domestic and international students, connecting local communities to global creative cultures.


Visual Art News

Visual Culture in the West from 1400 to the Present

This course explores visual arts and culture in a social context from the Renaissance to the contemporary era. The course focuses on understanding how artistic production changed in the centuries leading up to the modern era as well as the radical re-definitions of art that occurred in the 20th century.                                                                                                                      

3 credits. No prerequisites. Instructor: Jill Bain
Monday (AB1) 11:30 - 2:20 and Wednesday (AB2) 10:00 - 12:50 Where: Abbotsford campus C1429


VA 283 Introduction to Photography I

This course introduces the basic principles of black-and-white darkroom photography. Students will manual camera controls using analogue film cameras, followed by chemical processing and printing. Digital photographic processes involving scanning and printing will be covered. Note: Students may rent analogue cameras from the department.        

No prerequisites.
Tuesday/Thursday 1300-1500    CRN:11203    Where: Abbotsford campus C1113



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