UFV Administration Index

President's Office

President and Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Mark Evered 
Executive Assistant: Jillian Smith
Administrative Assistant, President's Office: Darlene Glum
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University Secretariat

Acting University Secretary: Maureen Murphy 
Acting Assistant to the University Secretary: Linda Dahl 
Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors: Lori Ann Waites
Acting Director, FOIPOP and Academic Integrity: Susan Francis
Assistant to the Secretary of Senate: Monique Castonguay
UEC Assistant and Calendar Editor: Amanda Grimson 
University Secretary: Al Wiseman (on leave)
Assistant to the University Secretary: Lisa McMartin (on leave)
Director, FOIPOP and Academic Integrity: Rupe Sunner (on leave)

University Relations

Executive Director: Leslie Courchesne
Executive Assistant: Tricia Townsend

Director: David Leis

Alumni Relations
Manager: Whitney Fordham

Director: Dave Pinton

Marketing and Student Recruitment
Director: Caleb Zimmerman

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Campus Planning and Resource Development

Executive Director: Craig Toews
Assistant to the Executive Director: Monika Vondras

Ancillary Services (Food Services, Campus Bookstore, Print Services, Campus Card office) 
Director: Cameron Roy

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Academic Division

Provost's Office

Provost and Vice-President, Academic: Dr. Eric Davis
Executive Assistant: Nicole Hitchens
Administrative Assistant: Janice Nagtegaal

Vice Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic: Dr. Peter Geller
Executive Assistant: Carol Dickson

Faculty of Access and Continuing Education
Dean: Dr. Sue Brigden
Assistant to the Dean: Laura Larson

College of Arts
Dean: Dr. Jacqueline Nolte
Associate Dean of Students: Dr. Alisa Webb
Associate Dean of Faculty: Dr. Ken Brealey
Manager of Academic and Administrative Services: Deborah Greenfield
Assistant to the Dean: Cecelia Dirksen

Faculty of Health Sciences
Dean: Dr. Joanne MacLean
Assistant to the Dean: Joanne Pehlke (on leave)
Acting Assistant to the Dean: Eleanor Busse-Klassen

Faculty of Professional Studies
Dean: Dr. Tracy Ryder Glass
Assistant to the Dean: Karen Power

Faculty of Science
Dean: Dr. Lucy Lee
Assistant to the Dean: Wendy Gracey

Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies
Dean: John English
Assistant to the Dean: Kelli Graham

Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies
Associate Vice-President: Dr. Adrienne Chan
Assistant to the AVP: Deborah Block

Human Resources
Associate Vice-President: Diane Griffiths
Executive Assistant: Nancy Scarrow

- Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Office

Indigenous Affairs
Senior Advisor: Shirley Hardman

UFV International
Executive Director: David McGuire

Institutional Research & Integrated Planning
Associate Vice-President: Dr. Vlada Dvoracek

Program Development
Coordinator: Dr. Sylvie Murray

Teaching and Learning
Director: Dr. Maureen Wideman

University Library
University Librarian: Kim Isaac

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Students and Enrolment Management

Vice-President: Jody Gordon
Executive Assistant: Tiina Higgins

Office of the Registrar
Registrar (interim): Jody Gordon

Career Centre
Director: Michael Baumann

Athletics & Campus Recreation
Director: Steve Tuckwood

Student Life & Development
Director: Kyle Baillie
Assistant to the Director: Christie Duncan

Student Services
Associate Director: Leanne Tielmann

Residence Life
Manager: Christine Zapisocki

Department Head: Tia Noble

Disability Resource Centre
Coordinator: Glen Whitfield 


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Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration

Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration: Jackie Hogan
Executive Assistant: Kasey Merritt
Administrative Assistant: Christina Forcier (On Leave)
Acting Administrative Assistant: Sarah McLean
Legal Counsel: Maureen Murphy

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Director: Mark Goudsblom 
Associate Director: Sheldon Marche 

Director: Betty Poettcker
Associate Director: Nicole Adams
Associate Director: Blanca Hluskova
Manager of Purchasing: Ramona Franzen

Budgets and Financial Planning
Manager: Mark Brosinski

Information Technology Services
Chief Information Officer: Darin Lee

Security & Emergency Management
Director: Brian Leonard
Manager: Mike Twolan

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