ADED 370 and ADED 470 Capstone Courses

These two Directed Studies courses are scheduled as the student requests them and when faculty is available. They are not part of the regular semester schedule.

Students can complete them one at a time or together. If a student is completing ADED 370 and ADED 470 at the same time, they will register and pay tuition for each one.

Students are to schedule these capstone courses when they have nearly completed the degree. The prerequisites for both courses are ADED 390, ADED 408 and ADED 425 or special permission of the department.  

UFV's policy for Undergraduate Directed Studies, Special Topics & Independent Studies Courses


ADED 370 and ADED 470 Steps
  Step 1            

Notify the Program Advisor ( your interest in scheduling the course(s).  

The subject line of the email must include which course(s) you wish to schedule.

In the body of the email indicate a description of the topic related to your project. 

Step 2  The department requests Dean's approval. If approved, a CRN # is created. These courses are CR/NCR.
Step 3 The Program Advisor provides students with registration instructions. 
Step 4  Once the course starts, faculty will help students develop a professional proposal with project timelines. 


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