Tentative schedule of Adult Education courses

Students near completion of the degree should contact the program advisor to be assisted with final requirements.  

All program requirements must be completed in the winter semester in order to participate at Convocation of the same year. Program-based PLAR portfolios must be submitted by mid-April.

Every semester ADED 370 and ADED 470 are available for students. Read more details.

Fall 2016 semester registration times will be posted in myUFV May 13th. Registration starts June 15th. 

Summer 2016 schedule

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Fall 2016 course schedule

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Note: ADED textbooks have been chosen carefully and are not subject to change. 


Fall 2016
ADED 210 Principles & Practices of Adult Education           Tara Gibb
ADED 305 Portfolio Development for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Janice Johnson
ADED 320 Adult Learning  Tara Gibb
ADED 350 Storytelling & the Reflective Practitioner Seonaigh MacPherson
ADED 405 Diversity in Adult Education Seonaigh MacPherson
ADED 407 Organizational & Workplace Tara Gibb


Winter 2017
ADED 310 Fundamentals of Adult Education Tara Gibb     
ADED 325 Teaching Adults Tara Gibb
ADED 340* Program Planning Tara Gibb
ADED 430 Leadership in Adult Education Seonaigh MaPherson
ADED 472 Reflective Practice - Capstone Course Seonaigh MacPherson


Summer 2017
ADED 408 Assessing Adult Learning                                     TBA                               
ADED 365 Adult Education in Canada: Inddigenour Peoples TBA                              
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