This is a tentative course plan for Adult Education.  Both the schedule and instructors may change. Every semester ADED 370 and ADED 470 are available for students to enrol in.  See link for details.

Note: Students who wish to graduate in 2015 must complete courses in the winter.  PLAR portfolios must be submited by mid-April.

‌Summer registration times will be posted in myUFV on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 .  Registration opens March 12th, 2015

Summer 2015 Courses

Summer 2015 Course Schedule

ADED 310 Introduction to Adult Education      Susie Findlay
ADED 380 Educational Technologies      Janice Johnson

* AEWTC course

  Fall 2015 – Tentative

ADED 210 Introduction to Adult Education                TBA  
ADED 320*  Adult Learning     TBA
ADED 390  Research in Adult Education     TBA
ADED 407*  Organizational & Workplace Learning     TBA
ADED 425  Curriculum Design for Adult Learning     TBA

* AEWTC course

 Winter 2016 – Tentative 

ADED 310 Fundamentals of Adult Education               TBA     
ADED 340* Program Planning      TBA   
ADED 408* Assessing Adult Learning      TBA
ADED 410 Adult Education & Social Change      TBA
ADED 435 Facilitating Adult Learning Janice Johnson
ADED 480 Well Being Seonaigh MacPherson

* AEWTC course


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