This is a tentative course plan for Adult Education.  Both the schedule and instructors may change.

Note: Students who wish to graduate in 2014 must complete courses in the winter.  PLAR portfolios must be submited by mid-April.

 2014-2015 Course Offerings

Summer 2014

ADED 210  Seonaigh MacPherson 
ADED 420  Seonaigh MacPherson 

Please go to the link below for a list of required texts for summer 2014 classes:



ADED 310  Ian Hunt  
ADED 340  Ian Hunt
ADED 330R  Janice Johnson  
ADED 360  Ian Hunt
ADED 407  Seonaigh MacPherson

Winter 2015 TENTATIVE

ADED 472  Ian Hunt
AEDE 320  Ian Hunt  
ADED 210  Sessional  
ADED 350  Ian Hunt
ADED 405  Seonaigh MacPherson
ADED 408  Seonaigh MacPherson 

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