Congratulations to students graduating this year!  

A Graduation Request Form must be completed by April 1st. To graduate all courses must be successfully completed in the winter semester. Requests are needed early because the approval process requires time to process.  

For students who wish to graduate this year and are planning to submit a PLAR portfolio, this must done by mid- April.    

Students who have successfully completed the Workplace Education Certificate (WEC) or the Instructional Design Certificate (IDC) can choose to graduate before or at the same time of the completion of the BA AE program.  For each designation a separate Graduation Request form must be completed with a separate payment

Workplace Education Certificate 

Instructional Design Certificate

ADED 320

ADED 340

ADED 407 (ADED 330F)

ADED 408 ( ADED 330N)


Note: 3 of 4 courses completed at UFV

ADED 325(ADED 330R)

ADED 408 (ADED 330N)

ADED 425 (ADED 330P)

ADED 435 ( ADED 330Q)

ADED 473 - Practicum

 Note: 4 of 5 courses completed at UFV

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