Cher King-Scobie, MRM

Cher King-Scobie is a sessional Instructor with the Departments of Geography, Biology and University Upgrading and Prep at the University of the Fraser Valley. Cher holds a MRM from Simon Fraser University and a BSc in Biological Science from the University of Calgary. She is passionate about research and teaching and is currently working towards the Provincial Instructor Diploma for accreditation as an adult educator in BC.

‌As a new research associate with the Agriburban Research Centre, Cher will focus on participatory floodplain management and ecosystem services in the Fraser River Lowlands. Cher's graduate studies related to streams at the intersection between the salmon and forestry industries in BC. She began working in stakeholder involvement in water management in SW Saskatchewan and participatory decision making through the Yarrow Ecovillage and Yarrow Deli Cooperative. Cher has been involved with farming and agriculture since childhood and continues to learn as a long-term hobby farmer.




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Invited Speaking Engagements

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Cher presented research on the intersection of ecosystem services theory and participatory floodplain management for the Fraser River Watershed Coalition on June 20, 2013.


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