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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts.  Our aim is to help students achieve their goals and dreams.  Thus, we have designed academically challenging programs to meet their intellectual, artistic, and vocational needs.  Whether on stage, on-line, in a classroom, out in the community doing research, working in a practicum with a local employer or organization, or halfway around the world on a study tour, our students are engaged in learning that integrates theory and practice and that draws connections between the methods and subject-matter of different disciplines.

Breadth and flexibility characterize our wide range of programs, whether our students pursue a major in a traditional arts discipline, a career-oriented diploma, or an innovative combination of educational options. 

Our departments have also developed strong ties to our local communities and a large component of our programming is directly relevant to the UFV-Fraser Valley region.  This includes the Sto:lo people in whose territory UFV is situated.  (Our Tier I Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies is an outstanding example of collaboration with the community.) 

At the same time, there is an international and cross-cultural focus to much of our teaching and research.  But in all that we do, we are guided by a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

An arts education is a liberating and transformative experience.  Indeed, students are changed by their education with us, more aware of who they are, how they are bound to a diversity of people around the world, and how this incredibly complex world actually works.  They learn to cross inter-personal and cultural boundaries by cultivating their ability to see the world from someone else’s point of view, be they a character in an eighteenth-century novel, a nineteenth-century Chinese peasant, an aboriginal artist, or the manager of a high-tech firm in Japan.  Such an ability prepares them for employment, entrepreneurship, further education, and the social and ethical obligations of citizenship—both locally and globally.  In short, it prepares them for life.

To learn more about the Faculty and its broad range of programs and about the great successes of our award-winning graduates, please contact the appropriate department head or director or the Dean's office.

Eric Davis (BA, MA, Ph.D.)
Dean of the Faculty of Arts

12-credit, 4-week summer program on Indigenous land claims

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery, led by renowned experts, to learn about historic representations of Indigenous land claims in maps, films, or texts.

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