Why study art?
Art is a vehicle for exchanging ideas, thoughts, and feelings between individuals, communities, and cultures. Because of this, it is an important aid in understanding the world that surrounds us, as well as the perspectives of other cultures which are distant in time or space. An art education will prepare you not only to amke art, but also to understand the complex relationship between art and contemporary culture, setting you on course for a successful career in many disciplines.

Why study visual arts at UFV?
At UFV, we offer Visual Arts programming that is integrated, challenging, and contemporary. In this dynamic and multidisciplinary setting, you will be given the told for contemporary art practice through curriculum that is sensitive to the social and political issues that affect art practices today. Our Visual Arts programs integrate art history, critical theory, and studio practice to foster the skills and creative concepts which are part of the visual culture we all live in.
UFV ‘s Visual Arts department is committed to high standards of achievement for students, and pursues instructional excellence to achieve that goal. Our faculty augment their teaching with their own experiences in professional art practice. Interactive experiences such as gallery tours, visiting artist talks, and exhibition opportunities enhance classroom and studio education every semester. Well-designed studios and small class sizes combine to make the department an inviting, personal, and highly functional area in which to study visual art.

How much will it cost?
You can check our online calendar at www.ufv.ca/calendar for up-to-date information but a general guideline is that fees for a full-time student who is taking five courses would be just over $2,000 per semester. Books and additional supplies will cost you $100 to $200 per course.
You should also visit the UFV Financial Aid and Awards office, which facilitates the disbursement each year of about $12 million in federal and provincial student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, and awards to UFV students. A helpful budget planning worksheet is available online at www.ufv.ca/fineaid/budget.

What kind of support will I have?
Plenty. The Visual Arts programs has a dedicated advisor who can help with your program inquiries; drop by and visit us in 1402 A and C building on the Abbotsford campus, or call 1-888-504-7441, local 4406.

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