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There is lots of information available for you in our new student information section.

Consider working with one of our talented Arts Peer Mentors if you are a new student with less than 30 credits.

Connect with Arts Advice

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Develop a meaningful educational plan

 We support educational planning for College of Arts students. Advisors help
 plan their educational career, develop academic success skills, and
guide them to
available resources and

2014 Convocation Speaker‌ 

“Seeing an Arts Advisor was one of the first things I did before starting classes at UFV. That initial visit, and the many that followed, helped me determine what courses I would pick, the credentials I could graduate with, and learn about resources and activities on campus. The friendly faces in the Arts Advice Centre made me feel welcome and the assurance and encouragement they provided was invaluable; they truly played a formative role in supporting me during my time at UFV.”

- Matthew Dirks

BA in Global Development Studies, Arts Peer Mentor, and 2014 College of Arts Convocation Student Speaker



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