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What does it really mean to be a Canadian? Does it simply come down to hockey sticks, beer, and anything that isn't American? This package offers some thoughtful answers about Canadian culture and identity, through an examination of this country's history, geography, and socio-political practices. Who knows, hockey might be even more important than you think!


AH 214 Art of English & French Canada 1665 to 1945
CMNS 155* Intro to Workplace and Academic Communication
CMNS 180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication0
CMNS 235 Oral Communication
CRIM 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice System
CRIM 210 Youth Crime and the Youth Justice System
CRIM 230 Criminal Law
CRIM 250 Customs and Immigration Law
ENGL 105* Academic Writing
FREN 100 Introduction to French
GEOG 130 Geography of Canada
GEOG 131 British Columbia
HIST 101 Canada Before Confederation
HIST 102 Canada: 1867 to the Present
HIST 115 Traditional East Asian Civilizations
MACS 130 Mass Communications in Canada
POSC 110 Canadian Politics
SOC 101 Introductory Sociology

* Communications 155 and English 105 do require a C+ in English 12. There are other alternatives; please check UFV’s English language policy.

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