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Explore your creativity while exploring communication concepts and technology from an intelligent, critical perspective. MACS courses examine media theories and social factors.  These factors shape media industries and effect political and cultural life. Visual Arts courses enable you to develop creative talents and skills in graphic design, digital photography, and video production.


CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CIS 110 Computerized Business Applications
CIS 145 Web Publishing
CIS 162 Introduction to Animation
CIS 165 3D Animation
CIS 185 Introduction to Programming Using Media
GD 101 Fundamentals of Design
GD 154 Typography I
GD 157 Digital Design Media I
GD 161 Graphic Design I
LIBT 145 Internet Information Retrieval
MACS 110 Intro to Communication Theory
MACS 130 Mass Communications in Canada
PHIL 100 Reasoning
PHIL 120 Knowledge & Reality
VA 160 Introduction to Video Production
VA 180 Digital Photography

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