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Courses in Gender Studies examine our most basic assumptions about gender, while studying human behavior, institutions and cultures. Learn how gender affects our economic and political roles, as well as how femininity and masculinity have been portrayed throughout history. Look at the intersection of race, class, gender, disability and sexual orientation, and see how these influence our health and well-being.


CMNS 155* Intro to Workplace & Academic Communication
CRIM 212 Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
ENGL 105* Academic Writing
FILM 210 The Woman's Film of the 1940s
GEOG 140 Human Geography
HIST 102 Canada: 1867 to the Present
HIST 209 European History 1789 - 1914
HIST 242 History of the United States Since 1865
HIST 262 Latin American History: National Experience
MACS 130 Mass Communications in Canada
MACS 221 Media & Audiences
PHIL 110 Morality & Politics
POSC 120 Ideology & Politics
WMST 101 Introduction to Women's Studies I

* Communications 155 and English 105 do require a C+ in English 12. There are other alternatives; please check UFV’s English language policy.

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