4th Year Bachelor of Arts

Double Major in English Literature and History

Emily has been helping students since Winter 2013

Why did you decide to become an Arts Peer Mentor?

I chose to become a mentor because I have a passion for helping people. I was very lucky because in my first year I had my brother here to show me around campus, teach me how to use the library, show me the academic calendar and help me plan my schedule. When I saw the RBC Arts Peer Mentoring program program and what it was for I knew immediately that I wanted to be a mentor so I could help people out in the same way that my brother helped me. If you do not have someone to guide you through your first year or two of university it can be a very daunting experience that could discourage you from continuing your post-secondary education, so I want to be that person to show people everything that UFV has to offer.

What is the most rewarding part so of being a Peer Mentor?

It is so rewarding to see my mentees succeed and grow. It's great to see them start to feel proud of themselves and to really understand that they are not alone when it comes to university stressors. I have witnessed each of my mentees become excited about university and about their accomplishments and start to enjoy school because of this. I am so happy that I joined this program and am able to share my knowledge and experiences with first year students because not everyone has an older sibling or friends in university that can explain different resources and processes.  I feel that this is crucial in order to succeed in school and stay motivated to finish their programs and studies at UFV. University life is a major adjustment and everyone needs someone to talk to about this and help them with the questions they may be too afraid to ask just anyone and the peer mentor program gives the mentees just this. I truly believe it is a fantastic program and I feel honoured to be a part of it. 

Is there something in particular about the program that students should know or might find interesting?

First of all, it is important to understand that this program is not a huge time commitment! We are here to help our mentees out, not stress them out. We want our mentees to succeed as bad as we ourselves want to succeed and we are looking to do whatever we can to help mentees feel comfortable in their first year. We are here to share experiences, so that our mentees learn that they are not alone in feeling lost or stressed out.

Do you have any advice for first year students adapting to University? Tips?

Join the RBC Arts Peer Mentoring program!! It is an amazing program that helps first year students adjust to post-secondary education. We can help give you advice on study skills, time management and goal setting as well as educate you on UFV resources. In addition, one very important think to adapting to University is do not be scared to ask questions, whether it’s a question for your professor, a question for an educational advisor, or anyone else, just ask! There are people all over campus that are more than willing to help you out and want you to succeed.

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