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The RBC Arts Peer Mentoring program has a talented team of Arts Peer Mentors eager to assist new students.

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Why work with one of our mentors? Here are some comments from mentees who were helped last semester by arts peer mentors. 

TOP TIPS from your UFV Arts Peer Mentors

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Cade is in his fourth year in the Bachelor of Arts program and is the lead coordinator for the RBC Arts Peer Mentoring program. He is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Communications. Cade plans to further his education with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and hopes to work with youth at risk. At UFV, Cade has learned the importance of establishing relationships with peers and professors to further his success in university. He hopes to help students build these connections to have a successful experience at UFV. In his spare time, Cade enjoys ATVing and playing guitar and spending time on the ocean.

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Adey is a third year BA student, majoring in Political Science with two minors; Media and Communication studies, and Communications. Over the course of my years at UFV, she has learned the importance of managing multiple priorities, and turning key tasks into habits. An avid reader, writer, and word-lover, Adey is looking forward to continuing her studies with an MFA in Creative Writing. An avid reader and writer. Adey is a laugher, "film geek", fervid fan of crosswords, and tea enthusiast, and enjoys various genres of music.

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 Brittin is a fourth year BA student, majoring in Psychology with an English and Kinesiology minor. After gaining her Hospitality and Event Planning certificate in 2008 and Personal Training certificate in 2011, she returned to UFV to obtain her degree. Armed with a passion for helping people and a holistic approach to health, Brittin hopes to one day utilize her diverse education in a clinical setting. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, photography, adventures, concert going, hiking, and spending time with family.

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Geneva is going into her fourth year as a Bachelor of Arts student, with a major in English (Drama Concentration) and an extended minor in Theatre. Being involved with UFV’s Theatre Department and Student Association, Geneva has learned the benefits of getting involved and studying something you’re passionate about and she hopes to pass this on to her mentees. Geneva plans to continue her education with a MFA in Performance. In her free time, Geneva enjoys hiking, seeing theatre productions, reading plays, and video games.

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Jill enjoys her studies at UFV and is excited to meet new people and share her experiences with others in her role as a mentor. Jill is working towards becoming an elementary school teacher and would like to teach in other countries. In her spare time, Jill enjoys reading, crocheting, drinking tea, and travelling.

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Keira is a fourth year student completing a double major in History and English Literature. She is excited to be a member of the peer mentor team and share the knowledge she has gained during her undergraduate degree.  Currently, she is on the editorial board of UFV’s The Louden Singletree, and during her free time she enjoys exploring trails, crocheting, photography, and travelling.

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Michael is a fourth year English major student. After (mostly) surviving three years working with UFV's student newspaper,  this year was planned as a slower-paced final year — an idea that lasted a month. At the paper, Michael helped other students improve their writing and connected them to useful resources. He is looking forward to continuing this supportive role as a peer mentor. Michael enjoys studying film, writing, music, and politics.

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Nikki is in her fourth year at UFV, working towards a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Biology. During her education Nikki has learned valuable study, time management, and organizational skills as well as the importance of finding balance in one’s school, work, and social life. Nikki is passionate about helping at-risk youth and plans to pursue a law degree and become an advocate for these children. Nikki loves to spend time with family, read horror and fantasy novels, hike, and play video games.

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Rovi is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Arts program as a Geography Major with two concentrations (Urban Studies & International Studies). Rovi has gained invaluable experience at UFV by completing an internship course and a work study position. while also pursuing jobs related to his goals. Rovi is excited to take on a role of mentor and  support other students in reaching their own goals. Rovi is working towards becoing a teacher.

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