Invigilation of Exams for Other Insitutions

We offer invigilation services for individuals or groups wishing to write supervised exams in our testing facility including FVDES. Online testing is available.

Students wishing to write an exam from another institution should contact Assessment Services by phone at 604-557-4006 or by email at to confirm space, location, and time availability.

Once you have contacted us, you must contact the institution for which you plan to write the exam and provide them with the following information:

Mailing Address:
Assessment Services
University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC   V2S 7M8

Telephone: 604-557-4006
Fax: 604-504-5741

When you come to write the exam:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early
  • Bring your invigilation fee (cash, cheque, VISA, or Mastercard)
  • Bring current picture ID (BC driver's license, student ID, etc.)
  • Bring pens and/or pencils and any other authorized materials that the exam requires or allows you to use such as calculators, textbooks or notes (if applicable)

Once completed, we will collect the exam and mail it back to the institution if a postage paid envelope has been provided.

Invigilation Fees
Individual Invigilation
$30 per exam up to 3 hours for non-UFV students; $20 per exam for UFV current students and alumni who can provide proof of their status (alumni means graduated from a  program). 

NOTE: In an event that Assessment Services is required to print exam materials emailed to us from your institution, the student will be responsible for the cost of printing ($0.10/page) upon arrival on the day of the exam.

Group Invigilation
Regular business hour fees range from $75 to $100 per hour depending on numbers; room rental may apply.

For further information, please contact Assessment Services.

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