Student Comments

March 2012
"After considering all the major universities across Western Canada, I chose UFV as my school for many reasons: small classes, hands-on lab experience, and excellent teaching. During my three years at UFV in the Bachelor of Science program, I had the privilege of being taught by wonderful professors in the biology and chemistry departments. The dedication and passion that the professors brought to each and every lecture was truly remarkable. I believe this was one of the key factors that impacted my interest and love for the sciences. By choosing a smaller university, I had the opportunity to get to know my professors, thus allowing me to get involved in various aspects of the school, including two research projects in biology and biochemistry. When I reflect on my time spent at UFV, I have nothing but fond memories and extreme gratitude for those who contributed to my journey that has now led me to UBC medical school. I feel that UFV did an exceptional job at preparing me for a professional program. The critical thinking skills I learned at UFV have been a huge asset to my success in medical school thus far. I had aspired to go to medical school long before attending UFV, and I truly believe that my early acceptance into UBC medical school was because of the opportunities and education I received while at UFV." -- BT

February 2012
"The opportunities and learning environment at the University of the Fraser Valley was central in my preparation for medical school. There are many student associations at UFV such as the Biology and Chemistry Student Association and the Pre-med Student Association that provide opportunities to get involved with student life. Furthermore, there are many research opportunities at UFV in the departments of Biology and Chemistry. For instance, in my undergrad I had the opportunity to do research with Dr. David Fenske and his team. I am also thankful for the wonderful faculty at the university who took a genuine interest in the student’s education. The small class sizes and many office hours provided an opportunity to ask questions. Looking back I know that I made a good decision to attend UFV!" -- RM

February 2012
"I have been accepted to gradutate school at the Boucher Institue of Naturopathic Medicine in the fall. I am very excited about this opportunity and am glad that my UFV undergraduate studies have me well prepared." -- SB

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