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Guidelines to follow when selecting CoursePack Materials

As of Fall 2012, UFV no longer has a relationship with the licensing body, Access Copyright.  We now operate under the Fair Dealing Requirements and other user rights in the Copyright Act.  For more information, see UFV’s Copyright Guide.

Copying Guidelines

1.       Short excerpts (fair dealing):  You may copy up to 10% of a work, or the following, whichever is greater:

1)       a single chapter from a book;

2)       an single article from a periodical;

3)       an entire artistic work (including a painting, print, photograph, diagram, drawing, map, chart, and plan) from a copyright-right protected work that contains other artistic works;

4)       an entire newspaper article or page;

5)       an entire single poem or musical score from a copyright-protected work that contains other poems or musical scores; or

6)       an entire entry from an encyclopedia, dictionary, annotated bibliography, or similar reference book.

Read the full version of the Fair Dealing Requirements in the Copyright Guide.


2.       Licensed material:  UFV Library subscribes to, and licenses, thousands of electronic resources.  You should be aware that some UFV Licences that provide access to works in electronic format prohibit copying for coursepacks or handouts.  If there is a conflict between the terms of a UFV Licence and the terms of the Fair Dealing Requirements, Faculty and Staff should comply with the terms of the UFV Licence.  If you have any questions about the terms of a UFV Licence, please contact the Copyright Librarian at


3.       Internet material:  You may copy internet content if the following conditions are met:

1)       There is no clearly visible notice (not simply the copyright symbol ©) that prohibits copying on the work itself or on the Internet site where the work is posted.

2)       The content is legitimately posted (you have no reason to believe that it is online without the consent of the copyright owner).

3)    There is no password protection or other restricted access to the content.

4)    You cite the source (include the URL and the author/creator, if available).


4.       Government material:  If you wish to copy non-legislative B.C. government material, then you should obtain permission through the BC Intellectual Property Program.  Any works published by the Government of Canada can be copied for educational purposes with proper citation. Federal, provincial, and territorial statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions (except from Manitoba, Quebec, and Nunavut) can also be copied.


5.       Tests and examinations:  You can copy any work for a test or examination, provided the work is not already commercially available.


6.       If you wish to make a copy that is not permitted by the Fair Dealing Requirements, UFV Licenses, or other exceptions in the Copyright Act, then you must seek the permission of the copyright holder or consider alternatives.  If you have any questions or concerns about obtaining copyright permission, contact the Copyright Librarian at

Copying outside fair dealing or without a licence or permission may result in personal liability for copyright infringement and increases the risk of copyright infringement claims against the university.

For questions regarding coursepacks, please contact Mary-Grace Poppy, Coursepack Coordinator (local 4532 or 


Submission Guidelines


A Copyright Log for Coursepacks and a signed Statement of Copyright Compliance must be included in your Coursepack submission.  You can download both documents below:

            a) UFV Copyright Log for Coursepacks (Please email for the form)

            b) Statement of Copyright Compliance 

            For more info, see the UFV Compliance FAQ.

2.       Make sure that the coursepack original is as “camera ready” as possible with text very clear and words not cut off – this particularly becomes an issue if we have to use other formats for students with disabilities.


3.       Please adhere to the Copying Guidelines (below).  They are a legal requirement and are not flexible.  If a transactional license/permission was obtained, then attach a copy of the transactional permission to your Copyright Log.


4.       Please send your coursepack along with your Copyright Log and signed Statement of Copyright Compliance directly to the Bookstore before the below deadlines.  Coursepacks submitted after the deadlines may not be available for the course start date.

July 15th – Fall Term

Nov 15th – Winter Term

March 15th – Summer Term


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