Why should I complete a four-year degree?

“I was enrolled in an Indian BBA program and changed after UFV students told me they have better classroom interaction, give presentations, and are assigned projects and group activities. I can compare the two systems and I definitely prefer UFV.”
            —  GAGANJOT KAUR HUNJAN, senior student


Because most Indian degrees are of three years in duration, a student will occasionally comment that a four-year degree would mean they would waste a year of their lives. UFV asks these students to consider how much time they might waste by completing a three-year degree that is not designed to prepare them to immediately launch and excel in the career of their choice.

It is also worth considering that most international MBA programs today require students to possess 120 academic credits (four years of study at the undergraduate level). Graduates of three-year Indian degrees have a maximum equivalency of 90 academic credits, and usually have to complete an additional post-graduate diploma before being considered for master level education abroad.

In addition, international MBA programs usually require students to have between two and five years of employment experience prior to enrolment — a requirement that is often difficult for students to satisfy because their theoretical BBA did not prepare them to immediately enter the management workforce. Our students complete 40 intensive courses (totalling 126 academic credits and 1638 hours of in-class instructional time) that provide them with a deep level of knowledge about every aspect of business. During their studies, they also accumulate between six and 12 months of practical experience, even before they graduate. This model allows them to build impressive resumes that include real business experience, through in-class project work and summer projects for businesses, even while they are still completing the degree.

It is a common misconception that you need an MBA before you can start your career. This degree is specifically designed to ensure you can launch your career immediately upon graduation at the BBA level, and that all doors to your future educational goals are open. After reviewing the curriculum, most people agree that it is difficult to imagine any career in business for which the UFV BBA degree would not prepare them.

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