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Chances are, you dream of having a successful career. Whatever career path you choose, it will likely involve some aspects of business. Consider any profession, from artist to doctor, lawyer to pilot, welder to police officer: they all need to understand how business works.

Successful managers can analyze problems, examine alternatives, and make critical decisions. But real skill in the business world can’t be learned from textbooks alone. To survive and thrive, it is essential that your education combine theory with real world practical training.

The University of the Fraser Valley’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree program provides advanced study in the theories and principles of modern business and sharpens essential business skills. As a graduate, you will be well equipped to function in, and adapt to, the rapidly changing business environment at an international level. You will gain a solid foundation in all aspects of business, and plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills in a wide assortment of practical training experiences that span many industries. You will be skilled in strategic management and international business.

By the time you graduate, you will possess a wealth of practical experience (obtained through projects completed during both the school year and in summer breaks, and usually for a variety of companies and industries). The day you graduate from BBA, you will be ready to launch your management career in any industry, wherever in the world you may choose. Even by the time you complete first year, you will feel confident that your skills set you apart from your peers, and will capture the attention of leading employers.

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