What you’ll need to transfer to UFV in Canada

Academic Requirement
Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.67 (B-) or better. In order to achieve the degree, your cumulative average must be no less than 2.67 GPA (B- average) by the time you finish the final semester. If you transfer to Canada, you may find that your marks drop by approximately 10 per cent during the period of cultural and academic assimilation (for the first semester or year of studies abroad). In order to create a buffer to avoid jeopardizing this cumulative requirement, UFV strongly recommends that students studying in Chandigarh achieve a  GPA of 3.00 (B) or greater before applying to transfer.

UFV Grading System


Grade      GPA       Percentage
A+   4.33    95–100
A   4.00   90–94
A-   3.67     85–89
B+   3.33   80–84
B   3.00   75–79
B-   2.67   70–74
C+   2.33    65–69
C   2.00   60–64
C-   1.67   55–59
P (pass)   1.00   50–54
N/C*   0.00   0–49
*  Fail. No credit awarded.



Conduct Requirement
All UFV students sign agreements to adhere to strict academic and personal codes of conduct, and must remain in good standing to be considered for transfer. Academic conduct, in general, applies to cheating and plagiarism; personal conduct, in general, applies to harassment, discrimination, and physical or other types of abuse. To be successful in Canada, students must also illustrate high levels of maturity and professionalism. Occasionally, faculty may recommend that a student further develop these characteristics at the Chandigarh campus before their transfer applications are accepted.

Capacity Requirement
Students must apply for a campus transfer in a timely fashion to ensure UFV has the capacity to accept transfer students into the BBA program in Canada for the term of application. Please discuss your intention to transfer with administrators at the start of the Winter semester in January, in order to transfer in September.

Citizenship and Immigration Requirement
Students applying to transfer are subject to Citizenship and Immigration Canada student visa requirements. Regardless of your ability to satisfy UFV’s conditions as outlined above, students must understand that the process to obtain a study permit is managed exclusively by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. UFV does not guarantee any student that he or she will be granted a visa.

The Canadian High Commission website, www.india.gc.ca , provides all the information that a prospective foreign student requires about how and where to submit application, and what supporting documents to provide. The High Commission’s Guide to Studying in Canada is an excellent resource and can be found at www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/study.asp

The Canadian High Commission uses the services of VFS Visa Application Centres throughout India. See www.vfs-canada.co.in/wheretoapply.html for the location nearest you. All forms and checklists required for temporary visas can be downloaded free of charge from the VFS website at www.vfs-canada.co.in/visaapplication.html

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