Your professors are professionals

Professor George Peary [shown here with wife Professor Sylvia Peary]
Former Mayor of Abbotsford | British Columbia, Canada

Just as you wouldn’t expect someone to teach you how to drive a car if they themselves had never driven a vehicle, you shouldn’t expect a professor to teach you business skills if they themselves have no experience in managing businesses for industry.

UFV utilizes a unique hybrid model of highly skilled professors from Canada and from India, who are proven industry professionals returning to the classroom to share their experiences with tomorrow’s leaders. They are leaders in their fields of expertise, having worked professionally as CEO’s, directors, managers, or venture capitalists, in a wide variety of industries. Many still maintain their professional lives while teaching in the program, or return periodically to the field to ensure their own skills remain current.

This model allows students to learn from real and exciting examples, and to have confidence that their knowledge is up-to-date in a rapidly changing global environment.

Because they also operate professionally outside of the classroom, our professors maintain wide networks with leaders in many industries, and therefore can help students to network and open doors to their futures.

UFV maintains a minimum of two Canadian professors in Chandigarh each semester, and our Indian professors have been handpicked because of their dynamic approach in the classroom. Many have taught, worked or been educated abroad and are committed to unique approaches in, and out, of the classroom. Oftentimes, students may find their most enriching lessons come right out of today’s newspaper, or from internet sources like YouTube.

All professors complete intensive professional development that provides extensive resources to ensure an exciting, practical, and interactive learning experience for our students.

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