Rewarding excellence
UFV awards Rs. 2-lakh in annual scholarships to deserving students

UFV awards Rs. 2-lakh in the form of four scholarships each year. Scholarships are announced near the end of the first semester and are awarded at UFV’s annual anniversary and scholarship celebrations (exact date to be determined). Recipients must be performing to a satisfactory level in the program, and must have a clean record of academic and personal conduct.

British Columbia government’s Leader of the House, Honourable Minister Michael de Jong, provides the keynote address at UFV’s second anniversary and scholarship awards dinner in Chandigarh, India. Minister de Jong was joined by Abbotsford City Councillor Moe Gill to present CDN$5000 in entrance scholarships to UFV students.
 — JANUARY 29, 2008




UFV BBA in Chandigarh Scholarship
for Outstanding Academic Achievement
(Rs. 1-lakh)
This scholarship is offered automatically to the new student who has achieved the highest overall academic standing in Class 12. No application for this award is necessary.

UFV BBA in Chandigarh Award
for Excellent Achievement in Academics and Sports
(Rs. 50,000)
This award is presented to a new student to recognize overall excellence in both academics and sports. Deadline to apply for this award is the last date of the FIBA (Foundation in Business Administration) program, near the third week of August. Submit the following documents:

  • One letter, approximately 300-500 words, stating that you are applying for this award and describing your outstanding involvement in academics and sports.
  • One letter of reference from your secondary school principal to support your application for this award.

UFV BBA in Chandigarh Awards
for Continued Academic Excellence
Rs. 25,000 x 2 awards
These two awards are presented to the two students in BBA II, III or IV who have the highest overall average of any students in the program.

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