FIBA (Foundation in Business Administration):
Paving the way for your success

The learning process in this program is so unique to India, we’ve added the special four-week FIBA program (Foundation in Business Administration) before your actual academic classes begin.

FIBA will familiarize you to this new method of learning, will hone your skills in business communication, and will provide you with an excellent foundation for success in the program. It introduces you to the skills you will need to tackle case studies, and will teach you what it’s like to live on ‘Canadian time’.

It will also give you the chance to get to know your classmates, build your confidence, understand what is expected of you, and allow you to start the academic portion with confidence.

Attendance in the FIBA program is mandatory, and provides essential preparation for students who are usually unfamiliar with UFV’s interactive methods of teaching. FIBA starts each year in July and runs for four weeks, after which you have a short break before beginning your academic studies in the BBA degree.

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