Other strategies for success

Time Commitment Guidelines 
For every one hour of time spent in the classroom, UFV recommends that students dedicate another three hours out of the class, to pre-readings, assignments, projects, and study. For example, a first year student has five courses per semester, each requiring three hours per week inside the classroom, for a total of 15 hours per week of instructional time. Therefore, that student should dedicate another 45 hours per week on program-related activities, in order to be successful. That means, if students wish to take one day off per week for free time, they need to dedicate 10 hours per day, six days a week, to the program.

Using Your Time Wisely
Students normally have one three-hour class per day, (unless they are taking a four-credit course). These classes may be held from 9:30am–12:30pm, from 2–5pm, or from 3–6pm. Having an afternoon class does not mean you can sleep until noon each day — students must get in the habit of scheduling their project and preparation work within free time slots during that regular working day. This strategy will allow you to complete 80 per cent of your work during the day and to avoid leaving everything until the evening, when the mind is tired and less productive. A conference style meeting room is available on the campus for student groups to use on a first come, first served basis. Students must also understand their responsibility to fellow group members — return trips to hometowns should be planned only on a very occasional, not weekly, basis.

Course Outlines
On the first day of each semester, every professor will provide students with a course outline for the course, which will be divided into each class over the 13-week semester. Course outlines are the most important resource for students to be successful in the program. They provide detailed information about what will be discussed during each class, which chapters or other material should be read prior to each class, assignment and project details and deadlines, and dates for mid-term and final exam periods.

Effective Use of a Dairy/Day Planner
UFV strongly recommends that every student invest in a good daily planner — ideally, one that has one page for each day. Immediately upon receipt of each course outline, students should mark in every pre-reading and assignment for the duration of the semester. This strategy will form the basis of your daily study and project plans, and allow you to come prepared to each class. When you have completed the reading about a topic in advance, you can be prepared about areas that you wish to further discuss with the professors during or after the related class.

Extra Assistance from Professors
All UFV professors are required to be available to students for a minimum of one hour per week, per course, outside of class time, at no extra cost to students. Normally, they provide this service to students immediately after their class. This time is designed for students to discuss any topic or assignment about which they require further clarification. This service alleviates the need for parents to invest in any outside assistance (i.e. tuitions/tutors), and UFV strongly recommends that all students take advantage of this extra assistance from their professors.

Assistance with Writing Skills
A free-of-cost writing centre is available to students daily, between 12noon and 3pm. Students are encouraged to bring drafts of their work prior to deadlines, in order to strengthen their skills in grammar and written English.

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