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The Faculty of Applied Programs provides a variety of programs for students at the certificate, diploma and degree levels. In addition to the diverse and well-recognized programs for students who wish to complete a career- related certificate or diploma, it is now possible to “ladder” several of these credentials to a bachelor’s degree program. Instruction in the Faculty of Applied Programs is delivered through conventional and innovative instructional methods. These include individual as well as group learning experiences, computer instruction options for some students, and excellent practicum placements for others. Co-operative Education is offered in some programs. The balance between practical, “hands-on” learning and a liberal arts education enables students to graduate with excellent skills as well as the ability to think critically and analytically in a range of employment or advanced educational settings.

Dean: Dick Bate, BA, BEd (Sask), MEd (Calgary)
Phone: (604) 854-4568

Administrative Assistant: Jo-Anne Trevelyan
Phone: (604) 854-4541

General Studies in the Faculty of Applied Programs

The General Studies category is designed for students wishing to take courses for their own interest or to help them in choosing a direction of study. As a General Studies student, you may take arts, science, and/or applied courses. General Studies is not a true “program”; it has no structured group of courses. Students can apply later for any of the certificate, diploma, or degree options at UCFV. Credit is given for courses recognized by your chosen option. Many courses can be transferred to another institution.


Adult Education
Bachelor of Arts

Applied Business Technology
Automated Office Assistant certificate
Computerized Bookkeeper certificate

Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation degree
Aviation diploma

Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration degree
Business Administration diploma
Accounting certificate
Administration certificate
Marketing and Sales certificate


Criminology/Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree
Criminal Justice diploma

Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care
Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care
Early Childhood Education certificate/diploma
Infancy diploma
Special Needs diploma
Speech and Language Assistant diploma
Family Childcare certificate

Fashion Design
Fashion Design diploma (General option, Textiles option, Business/Marketing option )
Theatre Wardrobe Technician certificate

Graphic Design
Graphic Design diploma 

Library and Information Technology
Library and Information Technology diploma (Library option, Information Technology option, Records Management option)

Social Services/Social Work
Bachelor of Social Work degree
Bachelor of Social Work — Child Welfare specialization
First Nations Social Services diploma
Social Services diploma
Substance Abuse Counselling certificate/diploma

University Transfer
Some of the courses in these programs can be applied towards a credential at UCFV or other institutions. These are clearly marked in the Course Descriptions section.

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