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The Applied Business Technology program prepares students for employment in today’s office by providing them with business and computer skills.

The Applied Business Technology program is offered at the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses.

Employment Opportunities

Widespread use of technology has resulted in the office assistant assuming more of the higher level skill responsibilities traditionally done by managers and professionals, thereby creating a new office “professional.”

Offices in business, government, and industry offer many opportunities for employment. The expansion of office staff, placement of workers in new positions, and the growth of industry in the Fraser Valley result in a continuing demand for well-trained employees.

Entrance Requirements

Note: This is a rigorous program. You need to be physically, emotionally, and financially prepared before you undertake either option.

How to apply

You may apply anytime
1. Submit the application fee along with your UCFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. See page 8 for a complete list of application dates and general information.
Additional documents required for a complete application:

2. You will be advised of the date of the next assessment.

3. After the assessment, either your name will be placed on the wait list, or you will be referred for upgrading and later reassessment.

4.When a seat is available, you will be notified.

For more information, contact the program head at (604) 854-4559, (Abbotsford), or
(604) 792-0025, local 4559 (Chilliwack).

Fees and Additional Costs

- The fee for the first semester is $700, and the fee for the second semester is $750. The full fee for the semester must be paid at registration for the semester.  Note: Fees are given for 1998/99.
- New fees are usually set each May.
- Be prepared to spend an additional $700 on books and supplies.
- Financial aid may be available through the Financial Aid office at any UCFV campus.

Intake Dates
The program starts in September (usually the Tuesday after Labour Day) and ends approximately
the end of April.

Program Outline

The Applied Business Technology program is divided into two semesters. The second semester includes a two-week practicum. In the second semester you will select one of two options. The courses specific to the Computerized Bookkeeping option may be offered on one campus only.
The Applied Business Technology program may be taken on a part-time basis (depending on seat availability). Students may take up to three years to complete the program.

First Semester

Course, Title &  Credits
ABT 101     Keyboarding 1          3
ABT 103     Word Processing 1  3
ABT 105     Spreadsheets 1         1.5
ABT 107     Bookkeeping 1         1.5
ABT 109     Introduction to Computers: Windows    1.5
ABT 111     Office Procedures    1.5
ABT 121     Communications: Practical Applications    3
Total credits, first semester:    15

Second Semester

Courses common to both specialties
Course, Title & Credits
ABT 102     Keyboarding 2            3
ABT 110     Database Management    1.5
ABT 114     Word Processing 2    3
ABT 122     Job Search                 3
ABT 132     Work Experience       2
and either

Automated Office Assistant:

Course, Title & Credits   
ABT 124     Word Processing 3    1.5
ABT 134     Word Processing 4    1.5
ABT 144     Desktop Publishing Basics    1.5

Computerized Bookkeeper:

Course, Title & Credits   
ABT 106     Spreadsheets 2    1
ABT 108     Bookkeeping 2    1.5
ABT 118     Payroll                 1
ABT 128     Computerized
                    Bookkeeping         1
Total credits, second semester: 17

Course Listings

For complete details on courses see Course Descriptions


Maureen Kiner, BEd (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC), Program Head
Bonnie Anderson, BA (Sask), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC),
Jane Dean, BComm. (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (BC)
Kathie Rusk, Instructor’s Diploma (UBC)
Sandi Sasaki, BA (SFU), Instructor’s Diploma (in progress)

Program Advisory Committee

To ensure that program content and development are relevant to the needs of potential employers, the Applied Business Technology department receives assistance and advice from an advisory committee. Current members are:
B. Adams, First Heritage Savings Credit Union
B. Beatty, Human Resources Development Canada
B. Bompas, UCFV
P. Stec, Anglo-American Cedar Products
E. Down, City of Abbotsford
C. Ewen, SD #75
R. Klassen, KMPG
A. Mann, Mann and company
A. Rode, Corrections Canada
J. Vike, UCFV

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