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The Communications department offers courses that focus on professional, technical, and electronic communications. These courses are an important part of many UCFV programs, including Adult Education, Agriculture, Aviation, Business Administration, Child and Youth Care, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Media and Communications Studies, Social Services, and Trades.

Some courses listed as electives for UCFV programs are required by professional associations and societies, or transfer to university programs. Students should contact the department for information on these courses or see an educational advisor or refer to the Provincial Transfer Guide.

All of the courses offered by the department are also available as contract offerings, especially CMNS 099, 125, 155, 255, and 345. Please call the department head for more information.

All Communications courses require some proficiency with e-mail, web-based research, and word-processing packages. CMNS 125 and CMNS 225/255 are offered online.

Course Listings

For complete details on courses see Course Descriptions.


Wendy Burton, BA (Hons) (UVic), MA (Queen’s), EdD (Toronto), Department Head
Paul Burkhart, BA (Kenyon), MA (Guelph), PTC (UBC)
Richard Dubanski, BA (Hons), MA (UBC)
Ken Fernstrom, BA (Hons) (UVic), MA (McMaster), PTC (SFU)
Madeleine Hardin, BA, MA (SFU)
Lynn Kirkland Harvey, RN, BScN, MA (SFU)
Diane Luu, BA, PTC (SFU), MA (UBC)
Raymond Welch, BA (Hons) (Toronto), MA (UBC)

Sessional Faculty

David Thomson, BA (McGill), MA (UBC), PhD-in-progress (UBC)

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