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“Artistic activity begins when people find themselves face to face with the visible world as with something immensely enigmatical....In the creation of a work of art, people engage in a struggle with nature not for their physical but for their mental existence.” — Conrad Reidler

Too often people feel distanced from the “fine arts” due to the social mystique that has grown around them. Art, however, is a visual language that surrounds us daily in the gas station or in the gallery. In modern images we embody our present understanding of the world; in the past other cultures used other images in this same way. The visual arts are not meant to be obscure; their meaning is not intentionally hidden.

We must, however, become familiar with its vocabulary before we can fully appreciate what art says. It is not necessary to be an artist in order to enjoy and appreciate art. Appreciation is contingent only upon an interest, a willingness to participate, and a wish to understand.

The AH courses offered at UCFV are designed to
foster among both studio and general arts students an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts, especially in their social context.


Rory Wallace, BA (Hons) (SFU), MLitt (Edinburgh), Diploma (UBC), MA (New York), PhD (SFU), Department Head

Jill Bain, BA (Hons), MA (UVic), PhD in progress (Warwick)

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