The economics curriculum at UCFV includes introductory courses in the Canadian economy and 20th century economies, first principles courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, and post-principles courses in economic development, managerial economics, international economics, environmental and resources management, law and economics, and money and banking. The Canadian Economy course (ECON 110) is designed for students without previous course work in economics seeking a basic introduction to economic principles, political institutions, and policies from a national perspective.

The economic principles courses are divided into microeconomics (ECON 201) and macroeconomics (ECON 202). The economics principles courses provide an introduction to economic analysis drawing upon everyday examples and case studies from business and current affairs.


Dale Box, BSc (UBC), BBA, MA (SFU)
Brian H. Coulter, BA (Hons), MA (Calgary)
Ian McAskill, BA, MRM (SFU)

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