“The cinema is capable of stirring the spectator as perhaps no other art. But as no other art, it is also capable of stupefying him.” — Luis Bunuel

Anything will stupefy you if you submit to it passively. The academic study of cinema is based on the idea that if you are going to be stirred you need to make an active response, and that responding to movies, like all creative activities, improves with practice.

FILM 110 and 120 are courses in film appreciation, not film production. The object is to discover not how to make movies but how to experience them as richly as possible by studying theme, technique, theory, tradition and so on.

Some classroom time will be spent viewing a selection of short and feature-length films, and some will be devoted to lectures on and discussions of the films and supporting textbooks. There will be an opportunity to see each film twice.


Graham Dowden, BSc (Queen’s), BA (Bristol), MA (Queen’s) (on leave)
Grace Tsurumaru, Diploma (Emily Carr), MFA (Concordia)


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