Geography is the study of the cultural, physical, and biophysical features of the earth’s surface.

Questions such as: “How are mountain landscapes created?”, “Why does climate vary?”, “How have the major religions spread throughout the world?”, and “Why does the pattern of agricultural activity differ from one region to another?” appear quite diverse, yet geography seeks to discover an underlying order and meaning in this diversity.

To this end geographers analyze elements of the physical environment and human society in order to develop an understanding of the character of places, the spatial and temporal nature of human/environment interactions and earth surface and atmospheric processes.

UCFV offers a major, an extended minor, and a minor in Geography as part of its Bachelor of Arts program.

This section specifies the major, extended minor, and minor discipline requirements only. Please refer to pages 103–104 for additional Bachelor of Arts requirements.

Geography Major Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 22 credits

Upper-level requirements: 32 credits

Geography Extended Minor Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 21–23 credits