In their last year of study, BA degree students are encouraged to enrol in Interdisciplinary Studies 400, which provides the opportunity to pursue a topic of particular individual interest. In this course, students complete an individualized paper or project in consultation with appropriate faculty.

Faculty Coordinator

Zoe Dennison, BSc (Hons) (UVic), MA, PhD (Western Ontario)


Associate of Arts Degree:
International Studies

The Associate of Arts International Studies option is designed to offer students a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to specific regions of the world. The regions to be studied are emerging as areas with which Canada is forging new political and economic links. Latin American Studies is currently the only option in the International Studies program. ( For details on please see Latin American Studies course offerings.)

The program will be of interest to students wishing to broaden their understanding of other countries and regions, students who have specific interest in Latin America, those who intend to visit the regions selected, students who are planning to undertake church or aid work in Latin America, students who wish to expand their businesses into those regions, those interested in third world and development studies, and students who wish to undertake a general program of university-transfer studies where courses are integrated and augment each other in the examination of a specific theme.

Students admitted to the Associate of Arts International Studies option will be given some priority in program courses at time of registration.

Refer to Associate of Arts section for details.

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