Latin America is a region of great diversity, drama and interest. Its physical beauty and extravagance is matched by the compelling nature of its vibrant social, cultural and political life. The region’s economic significance to us is now coming into clearer focus, and has led to Canada’s membership in the Organization of American States, a trade agreement between Chile and Canada, and the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico. A major testing ground for competing development paths, Latin America offers valuable insights into the world’s future — and sobering reflections about its past.

The multi-disciplinary courses described starting on page 226 will introduce students to many facets of the Latin American reality. From literature to sport, music to politics, we will begin to understand this complex and important region, and with the help of our imaginations (and the occasional study tour), breathe in some of its excitement.

UCFV offers a minor and an extended minor in Latin American Studies as part of its Bachelor of Arts program. You can also specialize in Latin American studies by completing the International Studies option within UCFV’s Associate of Arts degree program.

Students are given the opportunity to continue their studies in Latin America through study tours and field schools. In addition, UCFV has a formal agreement with the Autonomous University of Hidalgo in Pachuca, Mexico, to allow students to study at a Mexican university. Informal links exist with other universities and institutes in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Chile. In 1997, two UCFV students began a co-op education work placement with a development agency in Nicaragua, and it is hoped that further placements can be arranged.

This section specifies the major, extended minor, and minor discipline requirements only. Please refer to additional Bachelor of Arts requirements.

LAS Extended Minor Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 18 credits

Upper-level requirements: 16 credits

LAS Minor Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 18 credits

Upper-level requirements: 16 credits

Full-time Faculty

David Gibson, BA (UC–Santa Barbara), MA (UC–Davis)
Stephen Piper, BA (Sask), MA (Queen’s)
Colin Ridgewell, BSc (Hons) (Southampton), MA (SFU)

Part-time Faculty

Bob Everton, BA (SFU), MA (SFU)
Ian Joyce, BSc (Glasgow), MA, PhD (SFU)
Teresa Arroliga-Piper, BEd (UNAN–Managua), MA-in-progress (UBC)
Chad Reimer, PhD (York)

The LAS program is administered through the department of Social, Cultural and Media Studies (SCMS).

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