UCFV offers several courses of literature in translation. These courses focus on literature written in other languages, but which are studied in English translation, so no knowledge of another language is necessary. Some of these courses can fulfil the literature requirement for an Arts degree or may be taken as part of a majors program. These courses include: English 226, 227, and 250, French 350 and 360, and Russian 251, 252, 351, and 352. For full descriptions of these courses, please consult the appropriate category in the Course Descriptions section.


David Allen, BA (Hons), MA (SFU), PhD (Queen’s)
Alan Cameron, BA (Hons) (Calgary), MA, PhD (UBC)
Germaine Baril, BA (Alta), MA (Wayne State), PhD (Michigan)
Tim Herron, BA (Western Ontario), MA, PhD (Queen’s)
Sumiko Nishizawa, BA (Japan Women’s University), MA (UBC)
Teresa Arroliga-Piper, BEd (UNAN-Managua), MA-in-progress (UBC)
Lisa Storozynsky, BA, MA (Calgary), PhD (Birmingham)

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