Religious Studies

Religion plays a significant role in the lives of many, so to understand ourselves and others we must understand the turn to the Ultimate.

Religious studies courses explore the essence of religion, and how the various traditions began, have changed, and deal with the challenges of the modern world; they also examine oral wisdom and textual traditions, scriptures, faith and reason, spirituality and institution, myth and ritual, and the ongoing dialogue between Tradition and Modernity.

Religious Studies enables students to investigate religion in an empathetic yet critical way. Anthropology 130 (World Religions) introduces religion, while Religious Studies 201 and 202 (Religions of the West, Religions of the East) use scripture and other materials to delve more deeply into the subject of religion. Philosophy 240 (Faith and Reason) and Anthropology 469 (Myth and Ritual) examine important aspects of religion.


Ron Dart (Political Science), BA (Lethbridge), DCS, MCS (Regent College), MA (UBC)
Paul Herman (Philosophy), BA (UC–Santa Barbara)
Peter Jones, PhL, STL (Gregorian U., Rome), PhD (McGill)
David Wyatt (Anthropology), BA (Washington), MA, PhD (Brown)

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