People participate in many different social groups. Sociology looks at how our participation in groups influences the ways that we look at and confront the challenges of everyday life: working, learning to live with others, loving, communicating — sociology examines how and why we do what we do.

Sociology, together with the other social sciences, tries to look clearly and critically at the myriad of social issues and problems that we struggle to solve: inequality, poverty, sexism, racism, violence, environmental damage, etc. The sociological imagination strives to create a more objective understanding of how and why we live as we do, more objective than the rationalizations and justifications to which we so frequently resort.

If you want to work with people — if you want to teach or manage or facilitate human endeavor — then you will probably be interested in sociology and its many ways of asking questions about the human condition.

UCFV offers a major, an extended minor, and a minor in sociology as part of its Bachelor of Arts program. Students cannot combine sociology with anthropology to form a Bachelor of Arts with two extended minors.

This section specifies the major, extended minor, and minor discipline requirements only. Please refer to additional Bachelor of Arts requirements.

Sociology Major Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 19 credits

Upper-level requirements: 32 credits

Thirty-two credits of 300- and 400-level sociology and anthropology, to include 20 credits in sociology and 12 credits in anthropology.

Sociology — 20 credits

12 credits as listed:

Eight additional upper-level credits in Sociology

* Mathematics 302, Criminology/Criminal Justice 320 or Geography 352 may be substituted for Sociology 355.
Note: MATH 302 is a 3-credit course, whereas Sociology 355 is a 4-credit course.

Anthropology — 12 credits

Twelve credits upper-level Anthropology

Note: Cross-listed courses in Sociology/Anthropology cannot be used to satisfy more than one criterion.

Sociology Extended Minor Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 19 credits

Upper-level requirements: 16 credits

Sixteen credits in upper-level sociology courses.

Sociology Minor Requirements

Lower-level requirements: 9 credits

Nine lower-level credits of anthropology or sociology courses as follows:

Upper-Level Requirements: 16 credits

Sixteen credits of upper-level sociology courses.

Full-time Faculty

Jean Ballard, BA, MA (Calgary), Department Head
Elizabeth Asner, BA, MA, PhD (Toronto)
Kevin Busswood, BA (Hons) (UBC)
Douglas R. Hudson, BA (UVic), MA (McMaster), PhD (Alberta)
Stephen Piper, BA (Sask), MA (Queen’s), PhD candidate
Colin Ridgewell, BSc (Honours) (Southampton), MA (SFU)

Part-time Faculty

Lyn Savage, BA (Manitoba), MA (Regina), CMH, CMHT
Katherine Watson, BA (UVic), MA (McMaster), PhD candidate

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