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Through art we share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with each other. Art helps us understand both the world that surrounds us, and the perspectives of other cultures which are distant in time or space.

The Visual Arts program at UCFV integrates art history and fine art to foster the skills and creative concepts which are part of the visual culture we all live in. Understanding visual communication and expression is important professionally, personally, and socially.

The program is dynamic, integrated, and multidisciplinary. The curriculum is very contemporary, and sensitive to the social and political issues that affect art practices today. It is designed to develop the student’s

The Visual Arts department has set high standards of achievement and instructional excellence as its primary objective for its students. Superior studio equipment and a dynamic professional teaching faculty make the department a highly informative and encouraging area in which to study.

UCFV Visual Arts options include a two-year Visual Arts diploma and a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree with a Visual Arts extended minor or minor. The extended minor must be combined with another extended minor to complete BA requirements. The Visual Arts extended minor or minor could also be combined with another Arts major. Degree students may choose to concentrate their studies in either studio or art history.

Students proceeding to universities or art schools are strongly advised to consult the calendar of the university to which they intend to transfer credit.

This section specifies the extended minor and minor discipline requirements only. Please refer to additional Bachelor of Arts requirements.

Visual Arts Extended Minor requirements

Lower-level requirements: 18 credits

Upper-level requirements: 15 credits

Note: In order to be eligible to take the required upper-level courses students must ensure they complete the appropriate lower-level prerequisites.

Visual Arts Minor requirements

Lower-level requirements: 12 credits

Upper-level requirements: 15 credits

Note: In order to be eligible to take the required upper-level courses students must ensure they complete the appropriate lower-level prerequisites.

Visual Arts diploma

Entrance Requirements for Visual Arts diploma

B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or 19 years or older before the first day of classes. Applicants must also:

a. attend an orientation (optional)

b. attend an interview with a portfolio of current work

c. submit a 300–400-word report on visual art with the portfolio

Applicants will be evaluated on the following points:

a. Report 15 points
    5 points — depth of research
    5 points — structure
    5 points — presentation

b. Portfolio 35 points

50 points

Applicants must score at least 30 points. The portfolio must demonstrate your potential for visual art. Photographs or slides of large works can be included. Works in the portfolio must have been produced in the last year.

How to Apply

1.     Submit the application fee along with your UCFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. See complete list of application dates and general admission information.

Additional documents required for a complete application:

2. In April you will be informed of interview and orientation arrangements. You must attend or make special arrangements with the program head to be eligible for admission to the program. You must bring to the interview a portfolio of recently created art works and a 300–400-word report on your experience in visual art.

3. Upon admission to the program you will be invited to register. A deposit is required when you register (see the Fees and Other Costs section). This money will be applied to the tuition fees and is not refundable. Final payment of all course fees is due the end of the second week of classes.

If this program is full, or you are waiting to find out about your admission to the program, you will be given an opportunity to register as a general studies student. It is not necessary to submit a separate application form. If you meet the entrance requirements and a space becomes available later, you will be contacted.

For students under 19 years of age, fall admission is conditional upon proof of B.C. secondary school graduation. Proof of completion of entrance requirements is due the end of the first week in August.

Part-time and Non-Program Students

Students who attend UCFV part-time, or who are enrolled in other programs, may take any available Fine Arts or Art History courses for which they have the prerequisites. Those who later decide to complete the Visual Arts diploma or degree program should consult with the calendar or the department head to ensure that they have the appropriate courses.

Fees and Additional Costs

The fees for a full-time student (five courses or 15 credits) would be about $800 per semester. Books and additional supplies cost $50–$100 per course. See the Fees and Other Costs section for more information. There are other related costs which must be considered by the Visual Arts students over the two-year program:

Materials approximately $1,800

*Photography students will require a 35 mm camera

Field trips $50–100

Studio fees approximately $15 per course

Note: Studio fees are assessed at $5 per credit. These fees are collected when you register.

Program Outline

Visual Arts diploma program

Year One
Fall Semester

Course Title Credits

AH 101 History of Western Art to 1550 3

FA 151 Print Media I 3

FA 183 Photography I 3

Two of:

FA 123 Painting/Drawing I 3

FA 131 Sculpture I 3

FA 171 Interdisciplinary Media I 3

Total 15

Winter Semester
Course Title Credits

AH 102 History of Western Art, 1550 to Present 3

FA 152 Print Media II 3

FA 184 Photography II 3

Two of:

FA 124 Painting/Drawing II 3

FA 132 Sculpture II

FA 172 Interdisciplinary Media II 3

Total 15

Year Two
Fall and Winter Semesters
Course Title Credits

Students must take:

FA 205 Art Practices and Popular Culture I 3

FA 210 Art Practices and Popular Culture II 3


8 credits of 300-level Art History courses 8

18 credits of 300-level Fine Arts courses 18

Total 32

Note: Students should be aware that courses beyond the first semester normally have prerequisites.

Course Listings

For complete details on courses see Course Descriptions.


Rory Wallace, BA (Hons) (SFU), MLitt (Edinburgh), Diploma (UBC), MA (New York), PhD (SFU), Department Head
Jill Bain, BA (Hons), MA (UVic), PhD-in-progress (Warwick)
Davida Kidd, BFA, MVA (Alberta)
Don Murray, BFA (Regina), MFA (UBC)
Bruce Pashak, BFA, MFA (Calgary)
Grace Tsurumaru, Diploma (Emily Carr), MFA (Concordia)

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