(Note: as part of a planning process which resulted in UCFV's Strategic Plan for 1999-2004, a new administrative structure has been proposed for UCFV, to take effect during the 1999/2000 academic year. Once formally adopted, a new list will be posted here.)

Dr. H.A. (Skip) BASSFORD, BA (Reed College), MA (Hawaii), PhD (UBC); President
Jillian Vike; Administrative Assistant, President
Hazel Lockhart; Executive Assistant  to the Board

BARRY BOMPAS, BA, BComm (Sask); Vice President, Student Services and Employee Services
Diane Griffiths, BA (SFU); Employee Relations Coordinator
Dianne Hicks, CPS; Administrative Assistant,

BOB WARICK, BA, BEd (Sask); Executive Director of Community Relations and the UCFV Foundation
Carole Higginbottom; Administrative Assistant

DICK BATE, BA, BEd (Sask), MEd (Calgary); Vice President and Dean of Applied Programs
Jo-Anne Trevelyan; Administrative Assistant
Brad Whittaker, BSc (UBC), Prof. Teaching Cert. (SFU), MPA (UVic); Manager, Chilliwack Campus

NORAH ANDREW, Dip. OB (London), MA (Royal Roads), CGA; Vice President of Finance and Administration
Catherine Sorensen; Administrative Assistant

Carol Hardy, BA (SFU); Director of Facilities
Daryl Conner, CMA; Director of Budgeting and Accounting
Mary Aylesworth, CPP; Director of Materials Management
Cameron Roy, BA (Western Ontario); Manager of Ancillary Services

Dr. DON TUNSTALL, MA, MEd, (UBC), PhD (Alta); Dean of Arts
Dale Demeules; Administrative Assistant

Dr. WAYNE WELSH, BSc (Alta), PhD (UBC); Dean of Science and Technology
Priscilla Fouquette; Administrative Assistant
Greg Anderson, BPE, MPE (UBC), PhD (SFU); Manager, Mission Campus at Heritage Park Centre

KAREN EVANS, BAdmin (Athabasca), MIR (Queen’s); Dean of Access and Continuing Education
Wendy Stoltz, Administrative Assistant (Acting)

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