The General Studies category is designed for students wishing to take courses for their own interest or to help them in choosing a direction of study. Students can apply later for any of the program options at UCFV. Credit may be given for courses recognized by the student’s chosen option. University-level courses can be transferred to another institution. Please contact an educational advisor in Student Services if you require assistance.

UCFV educational advisors assist students in developing individual educational plans. Advisors encourage all new students to attend a free “Introduction to UCFV” workshop. To register for the workshop and to make an advising appointment, please call Student Services at (604) 854-4528 or 795-2808.

As a General Studies student, you may take College and Career Preparation, ESL, arts, science, and/or applied courses. General Studies is not a true “program”; it has no structured group of courses. Rather, it is a “miscellaneous” category for students who:

Entrance Requirements

You can become a General Studies student if you have completed B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or if you are 19 years of age or older before the first day of classes.

How to Apply

1. Submit the application fee along with your UCFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. See page 8 for a complete list of application dates and general information.

Additional documents required for a complete application:

You must show that you meet the prerequisites for each course before you begin classes. If a Composition Placement Test (CPT) score is required, please make arrangements to write it early in the year.

2. Upon admission to UCFV, you will be invited to register. You should contact a UCFV advisor for assistance in choosing your courses.

3. For students under 19 years of age, admission is conditional upon B.C. secondary school graduation. Proof of graduation is due at the end of the first week in August for the Fall semester. B.C. Grade 12 students can arrange at their schools to have transcripts sent directly to UCFV.

Priority Admission

Applications for priority admission for Fall semester are accepted from April 1–April 30 only. See Admissions for information.

B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent

For information about equivalents to B.C. Grade 12 graduation, please refer to the Admissions section.

Course Selection and Transferability

You may register for any arts, science, or applied courses for which you meet the course prerequisites. Prerequisites are listed for each course in the Course Description section of this calendar. Be sure to consult an educational advisor in Student Services if you are planning to transfer courses to another university, or check transfer information in the B.C. Provincial Transfer Guide. Some courses carry transfer credit only to certain universities, and careful planning is important. Courses numbered 300 and 400 will be considered for transfer on a course-by-course basis by the university to which you are transferring.

General Studies Diploma Requirements

Although there are no specific entrance or course requirements for this option, you may request a General Studies diploma upon successful completion of any 60 credits of course work with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. You must apply for graduation by submitting a Request for Graduation form, available at the Admissions and Records office, by April 1.

Continuance in General Studies

Failure to maintain a 2.0 GPA will result in loss of registration priority for subsequent courses. See Guidelines for Transfer to Other Universities.

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