You can begin your university studies at UCFV and then transfer to another university or university college to complete your degree.

If you plan to take UCFV courses with the intention of transferring later, you should apply for one of the following (whichever suits your goals most closely):

Note: Although UCFV does not offer individual courses with titles such as “commerce” or “education”, or “forestry” (as well as many other subjects), it is nevertheless possible for you to take appropriate combinations of UCFV arts and science courses to fulfil the first-year requirements in these professional areas. In some areas you can complete two years at UCFV before transferring. Consult a UCFV educational advisor in Student Services for details.

In many arts and science subjects you can complete two full years at UCFV, and then transfer to finish years three and four elsewhere. However, in some disciplines, it will be possible to complete only one year at UCFV prior to transfer.

The transferability of individual UCFV courses to B.C. universities is explained in transfer guides. The transfer guides are available in Student Services, the library, or online at http://www.bccat/

In order to do your UCFV course planning, you must be familiar with the degree program at the university to which you wish to transfer. A UCFV educational advisor can assist you in understanding the university calendars, and planning your UCFV courses.

University regulations vary with respect to transfer, but the following guidelines generally apply:

In summary: You can transfer to many different arts, science and professional degrees at other universities. In order to do so, you must plan your courses carefully so that they are fully accepted at the receiving institution. Obtain calendars from the university to which you wish to transfer, and consult with a UCFV educational advisor in Student Services to assist with appropriate course planning.

Note: Transferability in the Course Description section is constantly being updated. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to check on transferability of coursework in either the B.C. Provincial Transfer Guide (copies available in Student Services and the library) or on-line at .

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