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Online learning allows you to participate in university-level courses without physically being on campus. In effect, you no longer have to go to school, but rather, school comes to you via computer. You choose the time of day and days of the week to participate. You interact with the instructors and other students in the same way you would in a classroom, but there is more flexibility.

It’s easy to participate in an online class. All you need is a Windows-based or Mac computer, a modem (14.4 or faster), a SLIP/PPP account with an Internet service provider (e.g., Interact Direct, Uniserve, BC Tel Sympatico, etc.). The required software to connect to a class can be downloaded free of charge. Hands-on workshops are held prior to each semester.

UCFV has been offering online courses in a variety of programs since 1994. Courses are offered on a semester basis and taught by our regular faculty. Upon successful completion, online courses can be used as credit towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.

For further information, or if you have enrolled in a course that is designated as online, please visit the UCFV Online website.

UCFV Online Faculty and Staff

Patrick O’Brien, BComm (Windsor), MSc (BSU) -- UCFV Online Manager

Bryan Daniel, Dip. Elect. Eng. (STI), Dip. CAD/CAM Eng. Tech. (Kelsey)

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