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Movement is pervasive in our society. Each day we accomplish a variety of tasks by calling on a vast repertoire of motor skills. Kinesiology and physical education is the study of human movement from both a theoretical and applied perspective. Although normally taught within the context of sport and games, the knowledge gained from the study of kinesiology and physical education can be directed towards understanding any form of movement, from kicking a soccer ball to flying a plane, performing surgery, or expressing oneself through dance.

To gain a complete understanding of human movement, students in kinesiology and physical education will approach the topic from a physiological, psychological, and sociological perspective. Not only will students begin to understand how and why we move, but they will also gain knowledge on how we can optimize the human potential for motor skill performance. This knowledge can be applied in many ways, resulting in a myriad of career opportunities for graduates in kinesiology and physical education.

UCFV currently offers first- and second-year university transfer courses in kinesiology and physical education, and a one-year certificate and a two-year diploma program in Fitness and Exercise Management. These certificate and diploma programs are designed for people who wish to pursue a career in the fitness and exercise industry. They would be particularly suited to the educational needs of people who want to work in health club settings or corporate fitness facilities, or as personal trainers, or who want to start their own fitness/exercise-related business.

In addition, development of a degree program in kinesiology is ongoing. Please contact the KPE department for more details.

Career Technical Centre

The Kinesiology and Physical Education department offers a certificate program in Adventure Tourism Training in partnership with School District #34 (Abbotsford) at the Career Technical Centre. Students enter at the Grade 11 level and complete high school and the UCFV certificate over the course of three years. For further information, please contact the Career Technical Centre at (604) 850-8672.

Fitness and Exercise Management certificate/diploma

Entrance requirements

1.B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent.

2. C+ or better in:

3. 300–500 word statement identifying goals and objectives and knowledge of the fitness industry.

4. Commitment to an active lifestyle as demonstrated by completion of Physical Education 11/12, or participation in an organized activity such as coaching or playing in a sports program, or regular exercise classes or fitness program.

Note 1: Par-Med-X health screen. While completion of the Par-Med-X is not part of the admission process, passing this health screen is required prior to enrolling in the program. The forms will be provided to the applicants who are admitted to the program.

Note 2: While the CPT is not an entrance requirement to this program, a CPT score of 48 or higher is required prior to registering in CMNS 165.


Students who have not met all the prerequisites are still encouraged to apply to the program. If this applies to you, contact the department or the Student Services advisors as early as possible so that a schedule can be established to allow you to make up any deficiencies.

How to Apply

1. Submit the application fee along with your UCFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. See complete list of application dates and general admission information.

Additional documents required for a complete application:

2. Upon admission to the program you will be invited to register. A deposit is required when you register (see the Fees and Other Costs section ). The money will be applied to the tuition fees and is not refundable. Final payment of all course fees are due the end of the second week of classes.

If the program is full, or you are waiting to find out about your admission to the program, you will be given an opportunity to register as a General Studies student. If you meet the entrance requirements and a space becomes available later, you will be contacted.

In cases where interim transcripts are submitted, an admission decision may be made conditional upon completion of academic requirements. Proof of completion of entrance requirements is due the end of the first week in August.

Co-operative Education Option

The Co-operative Education option provides KPE students with the opportunity to acquire paid, career-related work experience in conjunction with their studies in the diploma program.

Fitness and Exercise Management diploma students must be enrolled in the program as full-time students.

To be eligible for Co-op, you should select a program of studies that will prepare you to compete successfully in the current employment market. Key skills and knowledge include:

After completing the first year of the diploma program and qualifying for the Co-op Ed option, students are available to work from May to August (four months full-time). During the second year of the program, students are available to work for approximately 20 hours per week from September through April (eight months parallel). Refer to the Co-operative Education section of the calendar and the brief Co-op Ed entry in the Bachelor of Science section.








Work full-time


Study & work part-time

Study & work part-time

Diploma graduation

Program Outline

Certificate Program (36 credits)
Kinesiology Courses, Titles &  Credits,

KPE 103    Fitness and Conditioning    3
KPE 155    Work Experience I    3
KPE 160    Contemporary Health Issues    3
KPE 163    Biodynamics of Human Activity    4
KPE 180    Fitness Testing/Exercise Prescription    3
KPE 181    Exercise Guidelines/Stress Management    3
KPE 190    Basic Human Anatomy    4

Business Courses, Titles & Credits
CMNS 165    Professional Communications for Kinesiology    3
BUS 102    Management    3
plus one of:
    CIS 100        Intro to Computer Information Systems
    or COMP 100   Intro to Computing
    or BUS 160    Computerized Business Applications     4

Human Services Courses, Titles & Credits
SSSW 120    Intro to Interpersonal Communications    3

Diploma Program (Certificate plus 37 credits)

Kinesiology Courses, Titles & Credits
KPE 164    Intro to Motor Skill Acquisition    3
KPE 255    Work Experience II    6
KPE 260    Nutrition    3
KPE 266    Exercise and Sport Psychology    3
KPE 271    Introduction to Athletic Training (Sports Injuries)     4
KPE 280    Training Methods I    3
KPE 281    Training Methods II    3
KPE 282    Exercise and Special Populations    3

Business Courses, Titles & Credits
BUS 120    Essentials of Marketing    3
BUS 203    Organizational Behaviour    3

Human Services Courses, Titles & Credits
SSSW 200    Counselling Skills    3

Note: In addition to completing the courses listed above, students will be expected to obtain CPR and Survival First Aid certification.

Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness, and Lifestyle Assessment, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, and the Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia standards are incorporated into the program. Students completing this program will be eligible to write the CPAFLA/CFC national exam, the BCRPA’s Basic Fitness Leader Theory exam, and, on satisfactory completion of KPE 271, will receive Sport Aid I and II, and Taping I and II from the Sport Medicine Council.


Craig Chamberlin, BPE, MPE (UBC), PhD (Louisiana State), Department Head
Gregory Anderson, BPE, MPE (UBC), PhD (SFU)
Roisheen Doherty, BSc, MSc (UVic)
David Harper, BSc, PhD (UBC)
Sally Stewart, BA (UBC), MA (UWO), PhD (UBC)

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