ABT 101:
Keyboarding 1 3 credits

This course will provide students with a program designed to improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding at an introductory level.

ABT 102:
Keyboarding 2 3 credits

Prerequisite: ABT 101

This course will provide students with a program designed to improve speed and accuracy in keyboarding at an advanced level.

ABT 103:
Word Processing 1 3 credits

Corequisite: ABT 109 or equivalent

This course introduces students to basic word processing concepts using Word software. Features covered include document setup, saving and opening files, editing and printing documents, and formatting techniques.

ABT 105:
Spreadsheets 1 1.5 credits

Corequisite: ABT 109 or equivalent

This course provides an introduction to electronic spreadsheets. Students will learn the basics for building simple worksheets for business and financial planning.

ABT 106:
Spreadsheets 2 1 credit

Prerequisite: ABT 105

This is an intermediate course providing instruction and practice in planning and creating spreadsheets for calculation and analysis. Topics include charts, database management, embedding and linking objects, and developing applications.

ABT 107:
Bookkeeping 1 1.5 credits

This course is an introduction to the accounting cycle. Topics include journalizing, posting, preparing a trial balance, preparing a six-column worksheet, preparing financial statements, making closing entries, and preparing a post-closing trial balance.

ABT 108:
Bookkeeping 2 1.5 credits

Prerequisite: ABT 107

This course focuses on accounting practices and procedures necessary for maintaining financial records for a merchandising business.

ABT 109:
Introduction to Computers: Windows 1.5 credit

This course covers the basic fundamentals of microcomputer hardware and the features of the Windows 95 operating system.

ABT 110:
Database Management 1.5 credits

Corequisite: ABT 109 or equivalent

An introduction to database concepts, including data file creation, sort and query, editing, and report generation.

ABT 111:
Office Procedures 1.5 credits

An introduction to office policies and procedures, covering time management, information sources, telephone communications, postal information, office mail, human relations, and records management.

ABT 114:
Word Processing 2 3 credits

Prerequisite: ABT 103

Using the latest Word software, this course provides further instruction and practice using specialized features such as merge, columns, macros, outlines, graphics, and styles.

ABT 118:
Payroll 1 credit

Prerequisite: ABT 107

This course is designed to enable a person with a basic knowledge of bookkeeping to perform any or all functions related to the maintenance of a payroll accounting system.

ABT 121:
Practical Applications 3 credits

This course provides a review of grammar, spelling, and punctuation as they apply to business communications. Students are introduced to a wide business vocabulary, which they apply to letters and other business documents in transcription. Proofreading skills are stressed.

ABT 124:
Word Processing 3 1.5 credits

Prerequisite: ABT 114

This course introduces students to advanced features in word processing and involves the student in critical thinking and problem solving.

ABT 128:
Computerized Bookkeeping 1 credit

Prerequisite: ABT 107

This course provides instruction and practice in the use of a computerized accounting package. Topics include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, and project costing.

ABT 130:
Business Communications 3 credits

Prerequisites: ABT 121 (Communication — Practical Applications), ABT 103 (Word Processing), ABT 109 (Introduction to Computers)

Corequisites: none

This course provides an introduction to planning and writing effective business correspondence. It focuses on communication from the perspective of the organization, the employer, and the employee. Students will analyze writing situations and apply appropriate style and basic writing principles to typical office correspondence. They will prepare employment communication, both traditional and electronic. Students are prepared for an employment interview and given the opportunity to practise presentation skills.

ABT 132:
Work Experience 2 credits

Prerequisites: All other certificate requirements must be met before a student is placed in Work Experience. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the instructor.

The student is placed in an office for two weeks and introduced to a “real-life” situation.

ABT 134:
Word Processing 4 1.5 credits

Prerequisite: ABT 109

This course will introduce students to basic and advanced word processing features using WordPerfect software.

ABT 144:
Desktop Publishing Basics 1.5 credits

Prerequisites: ABT 114

This is an introductory course that provides the techniques for creating attractive and useful newsletters, forms, and other business applications. Design of and procedures for creating a simple web page are included.

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