CAP 110:
Writing and Research Skills 3 credits

Prerequisites: none

Transferability: none

This course provides a step-by-step process for writing research papers. The course deals with instructors’ expectations for academic performance. A multicultural curriculum is used.

CAP 120:
Potential Development Training 3 credits

Prerequisites: none

Transferability: none

This course provides personal and career exploration.
A multicultural curriculum is used.

CAP 130:
Reading and Study 3 credits

Prerequisites: none

Transferability: none

This course provides academic support skills and techniques for the other courses that students are/will be taking. Topics include time and stress management, rapid reading, and study hints.
A multicultural curriculum is used.

CAP 140
Career Planning 3 credits

Prerequisites: none

Transferability: none

This 60-hour three credit course provides opportunities for the development of communication, leadership, teamwork, and computer skills. Thirty of the 60 hours are spent in a supervised practicum with a business or community agency of the student’s choice. Participants also learn the latest strategies in job hunting and career planning.

COMP 061:
Introduction to Computers 1.5 credits

Prerequisites: individual CCP assessment

A basic introduction to keyboarding and word processing using WordPerfect for people who have no experience with computers. This course is designed for students in College and Career Preparation but others may be admitted with permission of the CCP department.

COMP 071:
Introduction to Computers (Part II) 1.5 credits

Prerequisite: COMP 061

An intermediate computer course which combines some computer theory background (Windows environment), introduction to spreadsheets and intermediate topics in WordPerfect.

Note: Beginner students are advised to take COMP 061 before taking COMP 071.

CP 101:
Career Planning 101 1.5 credits

Prerequisites: none

Corequisites: none

Over this seven-week course, students will gain the self awareness, research skills, and career information necessary to make an informed career choice. Non-standardized and standardized career inventories and exercises will be used to help individuals define their interests, values, strengths, needs, and personality type.

CP 201:
Employment Search 1.5 credits

Prerequisites: none (CP 101 recommended)

Corequisites: none

Finding employment no longer occurs through chance. In today’s competitive market, finding employment requires an organized, informed, investigative, and innovative approach, and a presentation style based upon self-awareness, preparation, and practice. This seven-week course will teach the skills and knowledge required in employment seeking, including identifying job leads and prospective employers, informational interviewing, résumé writing, self appraisal, and handling interviews.

CSM 108 (CMNS 108):
Critical Analysis and Study Methodology 3 credits

(Reading and Study)

Prerequisites: none

Transferability: none

If you are returning after a period of absence from student life, or if you need to improve your ability to understand university college material as well as improve your study efficiency, you should register for this course. CSM 108 covers the techniques needed to succeed in your other subjects: critical thinking, exam preparation and writing, stress and time management, essay writing overview, notetaking, study methods, fast textbook reading, and strategies for active learning in the content areas.

CSM 208 (CMNS 208):
Advanced Critical Analysis and Learning Methodology 3 credits

Prerequisites: CSM 108; CMNS 125 or CMNS 155 (or equivalent)

A continuation of principles and skills learned in CSM 108, this course introduces students to the next level of critical thinking and higher education learning through course presentation and assignments. Students will learn effective strategies to enable them to work independently as well as work effectively in a group setting. Lecture examples and assignments will be linked, wherever possible, to academic content in other courses.

ECP 064:
Education and Career Planning — Career Explorations 4 credits

Prerequisites: none, but students must provide their own transportation to worksites

Designed to provide employment-readiness skills and the necessary life skills to students who wish to pursue education and/or occupational goals.

ECP 074:
Education and Career Planning — Skills for Success 4 credits

Prerequisite: ABE assessment

This course is designed to develop your skills in learning, communication, and self-management in order to successfully reach your goals in both education and work. This course teaches new and effective learning strategies, communication and conflict resolution skills, and creative career exploration and planning.

RSS 099 — See CSM 108

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