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Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts
Faculty of Community Access, Business, & Information Tech.
Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services
Trades & Technology
University transfer
General Studies
Co-operative Education

NOTE: To view description of a program: Once you have located under which Faculty/area a program is, please click on the Faculty/area heading . (e.g. for description of Theatre program click on "Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts"; for Carpentry program click on "Trades & Technology", etc.)

Faculty of Arts & Applied Arts

-Bachelor of Arts degree:
Majors offered in English, history, geography, mathematics, psychology, and sociology/anthropology.
Extended minors and minors offered in anthropology, applied ethical and political philosophy, biology, business administration, criminal justice, English, geography, history, Latin American studies, math/statistics, psychology (extended only), sociology, theatre, and visual arts.
- Associate of Arts degree
Options include a general associate of arts degree, or specialization in one of international studies, media and communication studies, or theatre.
- Arts diplomas
General studies and liberal arts.
- Theatre (Diploma, associate degree, Theatre Wardrobe Technician certificate --  subject to funding.)

- Visual Arts (Diploma)
- Modern Languages (Proficiency certificates in various languages)

Applied Arts:
Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education
- Communications(various courses )
- Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice diploma)
- English as a Second Language (General courses; Intermediate, advanced, and academic certificates.)
- Fashion Design (Fashion Design diploma, Theatre Wardrobe Technician certificate --  subject to funding.)
- Graphic Design (diploma)

Faculty of Community Access, Business, & Information Tech.

Community Access:
- Continuing Education: A wide variety of employment-related continuing education courses, along with 20 certificate programs, are offered. Areas of focus in Continuing Ed include:
Agriculture, Business, Career Planning, Job Training, Computer Training, Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, First Aid, Health, Hospitality & Tourism, Human & Social Services, Languages, Performing Arts, Personal Financial Planning, Professional Development, Sports & Rec Leadership, Trades & Technology, Workplace Wellness, Writing & Publishing.
- Upgrading
- Adult Special Education
- College and Career Preparation

Business & Information Technology:
Applied Business Technology (Automated Office certificate, Computerized Bookkeeping certificate)
- Aviation (Aviation certificate and diploma, Bachelor of Bus. Admin. in Aviation)
- Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation degree, Business Administration diploma, Accounting certificate
Administration certificate, Marketing and Sales certificate )
- Computer Information Systems (Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Computer Information Systems diploma, Micro-Computers in Business certificate )
- Economics (Various courses )
- Library & Information Technology (Library and Information Technology diploma)

Faculty of Science, Health, & Human Services

- Agriculture (Agriculture diploma - horticulture, IPM, and livestock production options -,
Integrated Pest Management certificate, Livestock Production certificate, Ornamental Horticulture certificate, Milker Training certificate)

Engineering Transfer (First-year Engineering )
- Psychology (Major and extended minor (Bachelor of Arts)
- Associate of Science degree (Two years of science studies)
- Bachelor of Science degree
Major offered in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.
Minors offered in biology, chemistry, mathematics, math/statistics, physics.

Health Sciences
    -Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, diploma)
    - Certified Dental Assistant (certificate)
    - Resident Care Attendant (certificate)
- Kinesiology/Physical Education (Fitness and Exercise Management certificate/diploma)

Human Services
- Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care (Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care,
Early Childhood Education certificate, Family Childcare certificate, Infancy diploma/Special Needs diploma, Speech and Language Assistant diploma)
- Social Services/Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work degree, Social Services diploma,
Substance Abuse Counselling certificate/diploma, First Nations Social Services diploma -subject to funding)

Trades & Technology

- Auto Technician certificate
- Carpentry certificate
- Drafting certificate
- Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport certificate
- Joinery certificate
- Parts/Warehousing certificate
- Welding C, B, & A certificate

University transfer

A variety of university courses from many disciplines, which can be applied towards a credential at UCFV or other institutions, are offered.

General Studies

The general studies category is designed for students who are not ready to apply to a specific area, are exploring various options, are combining coursework to keep their options open, or who find that a program doen’t exist which accommodates all their needs. Credits completed while in the general studies category may be applied to program areas at a later date, assuming the coursework was appropriate. The general studies category can be as simple or as complicated as the intended goals.

Co-operative Education

The Co-op program offers students the opportunity to alternate academic semesters with paid work-terms at jobs related to their field of study. UCFV offers a co-op option as part of a variety of diplomas and degrees.

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