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Website: www.ufv.ca/scitech/
Dean: Jacalyn Snodgrass, BA (N. Carolina), MA, PhD (UBC)
Dean’s Office: B315, Abbotsford campus (to December, 2000 then:) A101, Chilliwack campus
Phone: (604) 864-4630
Fax: (604) 859-6653
Administrative assistant: Carole Higginbottom
Phone: (604) 864-4642

The Faculty of Science, Health and Human Services has been organized to promote stronger links between programs having common educational issues in the general health and human services fields, and to foster a closer relationship with the scientific fields that provide much of the basic knowledge for these areas. The variety of courses and programs within the Faculty reflect a balance of academic offerings and competency-based training. These provide avenues for students to pursue further education at graduate levels and/or to move directly into the workplace. Our programs attempt to reflect and understand the changes that we are undergoing, both as individuals and as a society, many of which are driven by scientific or technological advances in the natural, agricultural, or health science fields. Others are a result of the changing characteristics of our society. Some of our programs prepare students to nurture and teach our youth in their most formative years. Others train them to provide care to our aging citizens, and others take a broader view, encouraging students to strive to understand the human mind. Cooperative Education and/or work experience through practicums are offered in some programs. Students interested in any of the programs in this division are encouraged to contact the appropriate department head or director or the Dean’s office.

The Faculty of Science, Health & Human Services offers the following programs:


Agriculture diploma (Livestock, Horticulture, or IPM)
Integrated Pest Management certificate
Livestock Production certificate
Ornamental Horticulture certificate
Milker Training certificate


Bachelor of Science degree
Majors and minors in: biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics

Associate of Science degree

Science Disciplines
Computing Science
Mathematics and Statistics

Engineering Transfer



Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree
Nursing diploma

Certified Dental Assistant certificate
Resident Care Attendant certificate
Home Support/Resident Care Attendant

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Fitness and Exercise Management certificate/diploma

Human Services

Early Childhood Education/Child and Youth Care

Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care
Early Childhood Education certificate/diploma
Speech and Language Assistant diploma
Family Childcare certificate

Social Services/Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work degree
Social Services diploma
Substance Abuse Counselling certificate/diploma
First Nations Social Services diploma (subject to funding)

Science Advisor
Janelle Dick, BSc (UCFV);
Room B310B, Abbotsford Campus;
Phone: (604) 853-7441 (local 4756);

University Transfer

A variety of university transfer courses, which can be applied towards a credential at UCFV or other institutions, are offered. Subjects include biology, chemistry, computing science, engineering, kinesiology and physical education, mathematics, physics, psychology, and social services/social work.

General Studies

The General Studies category is designed for students wishing to take courses for their own interest or to help them in choosing a direction of study. As a General Studies student, you may take arts, science, and/or applied courses. General Studies is not a true “program”; it has no structured group of courses. Students can apply later for any of the associate, diploma, or degree options at UCFV. A General Studies degree is currently being developed. Credit is given for courses recognized by your chosen option (see General Studies in the General Information section). University-level courses can be transferred to another institution. For more details, see Transfer of Credit in the General Information section.

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