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Subject Code and Number

The Subject code and Number indicate the specific course and its level. Courses numbered 200 are considered second year, 300 are third year, etc.

Credit Value

The value for each course is noted in “credits”




University transferability is noted here. Information regarding transferability is subject to change without notice because receiving institutions determine transferability. Information in this calendar is believed to be correct at the time of calendar preparation. For more specific information on transfer within BC, please consult the BC Transfer guide, available online at: You should always consult the particular institution’s transfer guide when considering future transfer, whether to another university or to a professional organization (i.e.  Certified General Accountants).

Consult an educational advisor or program advisor if you have questions about particular requirements for your program.

PHYS 111: (subject code and number)
Mechanics (Course title)
4 credits  (Credit value)

Prerequisites: Physics 11 or PHYS 100; Physics 12 recommended

Pre- or corequisite: MATH 111 (Calculus)

Transferability: UBC, SFU, UVic, OU, TWU

The course is intended for students who are planning to study engineering, science, or life sciences. Topics covered include: vectors, kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, collisions, rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, simple harmonic motion, and gravitation. The object is to understand the fundamental laws of mechanics, to learn how to apply the theory to solve related problems, and to develop a feeling for the order
of magnitude of physical quantities in real experiments.


Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisite: a specific course, or courses (or other requirement), that must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of C-
(unless otherwise specified) prior to registration.

Corequisite: a specific course, or courses, which must be taken at the same time as a registered course. 

Pre- or corequisite: a course that may be taken concurrently with another course, or previously. If taken previously, a minimum grade of C- is required unless otherwise specified.

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