The Access Initiatives team coordinates services to provide support for students who are facing educational, life, and career transitions. The team works closely with Student Services faculty and staff to help individuals create clearer pathways to success at UCFV.
Wendy Watson
(604) 864-4614; e-mail:
; fax: (604) 855-7614
Debbie Dyck, Access Initiatives Assistant
(604) 864-4653; e-mail: ; fax: (604) 855-7614

Coordinated Assessment Services

Contact Coordinated Assessment Services to find out about assessment for placement in UCFV courses and programs and flexible assessment options for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Assessment Services Assistant (TBA)
(604) 557-4006

Disability Resource Centre

UCFV is committed to the integration of students with disabilities into its courses and programs. We encourage independence while providing services to students with disabilities who may require additional support in order to achieve their educational goals. We are student-centered and focus on abilities. Access advisors are available to arrange support services such as classroom and exam accommodation, and to act as resource people and liaisons between the student, faculty and staff, and internal and external agencies.

Services available

Equipment available

How to receive services

Call an access advisor at any one of the campuses to arrange for an information session to see if any of the services we have to offer may be of some assistance to you. Access advisors are available 9 am–4 pm, Monday to Friday.

Access advisors
(604) 864-4609; fax: (604) 855-7614
Ellen Dixon, BA (Reed), MLS (UC–Berkeley), e-mail:
Carla Petker, BA (Hons) UVic, Instructor’s Diploma (VCC); e-mail:
(604) 795-2843; fax: (604) 792-2388
Alyson Seale, Dip. Visual Language Interpreter (Douglas); e-mail:
(604) 820-6000; fax: (604) 826-0681

Assessment Services office
(604) 557-4006

Institutional Based Training (IBT)

The Institutional Based Training/Access Initiative provides support and services for students who are on, or have been receiving, income assistance. Staff and faculty help students plan an academic program and provide ongoing academic and personal support.

Support and services available

Access assistants

Abbotsford    Debbie Dyck        (604) 864-4653
Ruth Vandenbor    (604) 702-2604
Doug Warren        (604) 820-6016
Meg McKay        (604) 869-9937

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