Co-operative Education combines full-time study, and full-time, study-related employment. It is presently an option within all Faculties at UCFV. Students should contact the Co-op Centre for a current list of program offerings.

Co-operative Education offers many benefits for students:

Co-op students must be engaged in productive, study- related work rather than merely observing others at work. The Co-op staff develop most of the placement opportunities; student-generated jobs are encouraged, and must be approved as suitable learning experiences by the Co-op coordinator. Appropriate on-the-job accommodations will be implemented for students with disabilities.

Job descriptions are e-mailed to all qualified Co-op Ed students. Eligible students compete for placements through an interview process coordinated by the Co-op staff. Employers make the interview and hiring decisions. The staff also monitors the progress of each student on the job, through telephone contact and at least one visit to each work site.

The Co-operative Education staff are located within the Centre for Co-operative Education and Employment Services (see also Employment Services section).


Each Co-op work term is generally four months in length. In addition to specified program courses, three work terms (diploma) plus three work terms (degree) are normally completed to earn a Co-operative Education designation. This extends the duration of the program by at least one semester (diploma) or two semesters (degree).

After completing the equivalent of a first year of study, co-op students alternate between semesters of full-time study and full-time paid work experience employment.

A typical study-work schedule is:






Study term 1

Study term 2

Work term 1


Work term 2

Study term 3

Work term 3


 Study term 4
Diploma Graduation

Study term 5

Work term 4


Study term 6

Work term 5

Work term 6


Study term 7

Study term 8

  Degree graduation

* These study and work term sequences will vary for students entering into a UCFV Co-op Ed option at the third-year level. Fitness and Exercise Management diploma co-op students will follow a different sequence of work/study terms and should speak with the Centre for further information.


Many Co-op positions are situated in the central and upper Fraser Valley; however, students should give serious consideration to the possibility of relocation for the work term period. Co-op students may also work in the Lower Mainland and other areas of B.C. Students willing to commute or relocate will have access to the widest range of work experience opportunities. Questions regarding relocation should be discussed with the Co-op Ed staff.

Entrance requirements

To apply for the co-op option, students must complete an application form that is available from the Centre (Room B238, Abbotsford campus). Applications are accepted in the Fall semester. The deadline to apply is October 31.

To qualify for the first work-term placement, students must:

for Science students, complete the equivalent of 25 second-year credits from courses listed in General Studies, the Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science degrees, and identify with at least one of the following disciplines: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Statistics. (See Science, Health, and Human Services section for further details.)

for Arts students, complete the first year of study (30-45 credits) within one year prior to placement, and identify with at least one Arts discipline. (See Arts section for further details.)

Engineering Transfer students may qualify after completing credits. Contact the Co-op Ed department for further information.

Students entering into a UCFV Co-op Ed option at the third-year level should contact the Centre for requirements as they may vary from the above.

Note: To qualify for subsequent Co-op work terms, students must:

Tuition and additional costs

Tuition stated is in effect for 2000/01 and is subject to change for 2001/02.

Students are enrolled in six credits for each Co-op Ed work-term. The current tuition fee for each work-term is about $254 to $392, based on the current tuition fees of six credits at $40.13 per credit for diploma-level work terms (CO-OP 100 & 101 to CO-OP 300 & 301), and $60.20 per credit for degree-level work terms (CO-OP 400 & 401 to CO-OP 600 & 601) (to be changed if tuition fees change substantially).

For more information

The Centre for Co-operative Education and Employment Services is located on the Abbotsford campus in Room B238. Staff can be reached through the following contact information:

Telephone: (604) 854-4507
(604) 870-JOBS (5627)

Faculty and staff
Duncan Jeffries, BSc, MSc, (UBC), Acting Director
Laura Dunn, Administrative Assistant
Robert Mitchell, Coordinator
Susan Taylor, BBA (UCFV) Coordinator

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