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Online learning allows you to participate in courses without being on campus. In effect, you no longer have to go to school, but rather school comes to you via computer and the internet. You choose the time of day and days of the week to participate. Online learning is different from correspondence or similar distance education courses. As an online student, you are expected to make regular contributions and to be an active participant in electronic discussions. The curriculum material and assignments are not “set” the way they are in a correspondence course; you will find the courses are more like face-to-face courses. The amount of time required for an online course is roughly equivalent to the time spent travelling to and from campus and participating in courses. You can expect to spend more time reading and responding to your fellow students, and you cannot participate in online learning silently!

Courses are offered to coincide with the UCFV semesters, and they are taught by UCFV faculty. Upon successful completion, you can use online course credits toward a certificate, diploma, or degree. Check the UCFV fall, winter, and spring timetables for online course offerings (designated ONL).

In order to participate in an online class, you need a Windows-based or Mac computer, a modem (56K or faster), an account with an internet service provider, and internet browser software such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. The software used for UCFV online courses is WebCT. This program is easy to use as long as you have computer basics. For those new to computer-mediated courses, workshops are provided at the beginning of each semester. Please see the Important Dates section at www.ufv.ca/online for more information about these workshops.

If you have enrolled in a course that is offered online, you will be mailed your user name and password along with instructions to bring you to the virtual classroom door. This information should arrive about 10 days before the semester begins. The information will be mailed to the address you have on file at Admissions and Records. Please be sure this information is accurate.

Planning is underway to offer an online associate of arts degree in partnership with other B.C. institutions. Check the UCFV Online website for updates on this endeavour.

UCFV Online faculty and staff

Wendy Burton, BA (UVic), MA (Queen’s), EdD (Toronto), Coordinator
Bryan Wilkinson, CIS Dip (Douglas), Online Support Analyst

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